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New Steiff Baby Teddy Bears

Friday, June 7th, 2013

New Steiff Baby Teddy Bears

Come To Teddy Bear Friends for New Steiff Baby teddy bears…

Knuffi Teddy BearKnuffi Teddy Bear
NEW FOR 2013 - If you’re looking to buy baby’s 1st teddy bear then you need look no further! Buy the new Steiff Baby teddy bears at Teddy Bear Friends.

Knuffi Teddy Bear BlankieKnuffi Teddy Bear Blankie
This blue baby blankie for a boy is soft to touch and will prove an invaluable companion for your little one.

Knuffi Baby Teddy BearKnuffi Baby Teddy Bear
Babies usually tend to dig their teeth into everything and these soft toys made of good quality materials keep parents at their ease. With careful handling and cleaning, this gorgeous little bear will last for many years.

Knuffi Girls Teddy Bear ComforterKnuffi Girls Teddy Bear Comforter
This pink baby comforter for a girl is soft to touch and will prove an invaluable companion for your little princess. The pink comfort blanket has a fleece top with a pink striped underside.

Little Knuffi Teddy BearLittle Knuffi Teddy Bear
Little Knuffi Teddy Bear by Steiff Baby makes a great gift for a baby boy or baby girl. He wears a reversible neckscarf, one side blue for boys and the other is pink for girls.

New Baby Steiff Eli Elephant…

Eli Elephant Soft ToyEli Elephant Soft Toy
NEW FOR 2013 - Eli Elephant has soft cream plush and wears blue and white striped dungarees and is such a cutie you’ll want him to be your baby’s friend. His eyes and nose are stitched and baby-safe.

Eli Elephant ComforterEli Elephant Comforter
This beautifully soft comforter for baby is soft to touch and will last as long as your little one needs a comfort blanket to carry. The baby elephant’s blankie is a super soft blue fleece on top with a blue striped underside.

Little Eli Elephant ToyLittle Eli Elephant Toy
Steiff are one of the world’s foremost teddy bear makers and you can be assured that this product is made from materials of the utmost quality. This little elephant for baby is looking to get cuddles and is an ideal gift for girls as well as boys.

New Steiff Baby Leni Lamb…

Leni LambLeni Lamb
NEW FOR 2013 - Steiff Baby have produced this soft little lamb who will quickly become a cherished friend for your little girl. Leni Lamb wears a beautiful striped pink outfit with a pink collar.

Leni Lamb ComforterrLeni Lamb Comforter
Teddy Bear Friends loves this beautiful comforter for a baby girl. It’s so soft to touch and will last as long as your little one needs a comfort blanket to carry. The top blankie has a soft pink fleecey material and the underside has a striped pink pattern.

Little Baby Lamb LeniLittle Baby Lamb Leni
Steiff Baby have produced this soft little lamb who will quickly become a loved friend for your little girl. The little baby lamb wears a striped pink neckerchief and is a beautifully soft toy for baby to hold.

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Steiff baby bears are a childs best friend

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Think of the first thing a new born is given, despite the initial shock of entering such a foreign world, and what springs instantly to mind resembles something of a cute and cuddly nature. Perhaps the reason baby bears are handed out so frequently is the fact that their cuteness mimics that of the newborn so affectionately. There is something so comforting in observing the interaction between a youngster and their first steiff – the initial sense of inquisitiveness and uncertainty followed by the lifelong, unbreakable rapport. The number of late adolescents and indeed, adults, who remain attached to their very first baby bear is quite a surprising statistic – reflecting the relationship-building nature of man as well as the undeniable cuteness of baby toys.

Steiff baby gifts are shrouded in fondness – soft, innocent, cute and entirely vulnerable, exactly those attributes which encompasses a new born baby or young child. Parents want to see both strive, to observe how the two grow together, each is a reflection of the other. The diversity of first steiff gifts is staggering, coming in every imagine shape and size – wee baby elephants to musical rabbits, even sleepy lambs. All designed with one main purpose in mind, to exude feelings of total cuteness.

The brilliant thing about Steiff baby bears is the fact that they are designed to put both new and experienced parents at total peace of mind. The point is that they are entirely ‘baby safe’, all textiles are tested for harmful substances, enabling youngsters to chew, bite, play and bash their best teddy bear friends around without even the slightest glimpse of injury to themselves. This can be directly observed in first Steiff gifts of generations past, though most appear slightly ‘bashed around’, many still possess those features which first endeared mum and dad to pick it over another.

Clearly, because of the importance of these cute little toys, choosing the best supplier is crucial, not least to ensure high quality but also to ensure the best possible price. There are a whole host of steiff baby suppliers online, but only a handful offer the very best of deals. Currently, is offering shoppers £5 cash back on every order and the opportunity to mix and match all items in the Steiff Baby range, which is why they are one of the most popular online resources for teddies and baby bears.

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