Christmas Bear sings Jingle Bells

A teddy bear singing Jingle Bells? Yes, that’s right! These fantastic soft toys are ready to bring lots of Christmas cheer. Go and check out the tunes on youtube.

Christmas Hip Hop BearChristmas Hip Hop Bear has a light creamy snout and brown fur on his body, and wears his hip hop gear, baseball cap and trademark gold bling.

Press his paw and watch him sing, dance and groove to Jingle Bells.

A cheeky Christmas gift for someone into rap music, hip hop or American contemporary fashion, Christmas Hip Hop Bear will certainly provide some Christmas cheer.

See Christmas Hip Hop Bear in action on youtube

Dog Singing Jingle BellsDog Singing Jingle Bells will have the kids in stitches as his ears flap away to Jingle Bells sung in an old style Bing Crosby fashion.

A fantastically funny Christmas time gift for anyone with a sense of fun, this crazy dog listens to Jingle Bells and makes funny yappy noises and he barks at the end of the Christmas song.

See Dog Singing Jingle Bells in action on youtube

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