Easter Bunny Rabbits

Easter Bunny Rabbits

Girls Big BunnyGirls Big Bunny wears a beautiful ribbon round her neck - one pink and one sheer with pink and coloured stripes £33.95

Soft Toy RabbitSoft Toy Rabbit is an exuberant and crazy soft toy rabbit who likes nothing more than to play play play £22.95

Classic Peter RabbitClassic Peter Rabbit is dressed in his blue coat with stitched shiny gold buttons and he clutches a red radish £18.95

Pink Ballet BunnyPink Ballet Bunny is a lovely white rabbit who wears a pink ballet dress and shoes £14.95

Babs White RabbitBabs White Rabbit crouches on all four paws waiting to be picked up and stroked £27.95

Baby Miffy BunnyBaby Miffy Bunny is based on Dick Bruna’s original Miffy stories and is dressed in a pastel blue babygro £14.95

Bunny Rabbit CorneliaBunny Rabbit Cornelia has beans in her bottom and hind paws that will shake, rattle and roll into your heart £21.95

Tall Brown RabbitTall Brown Rabbit is a super soft toy rabbit with chunky brown plush and short beige plush £13.95

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  1. admin Says:

    These Easter rabbits make excellent gifts - I gave my daughter the pink ballet bunny and she never stops playing with it!

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