Election 2010 - Who Will Get Your Vote?

Ideal Mascots for Political Parties

Cookie MonsterCookie Monster for Conservatives

Never mind the Big Society - whatever that means - Cookie Monster will be cheering on Eton’s finest, “call me Dave” Cameron so long as he doesn’t cut the biscuit budget!

Big ElmoElmo is for Labour and Gordon

One week to go and Gordon Brown has sounded off at one of his own supporters. Any more gaffes like that and he’ll be a goner - maybe he should take a leaf out of Elmo’s book and be a little nicer to us common folk.

Big BirdBig Bird will cheer on Nick

Thought of voting for Nick Clegg last week - looks a little like my brother - but then we all think of voting for Liberals but never do! Big Bird might be appropriate as he is a bird that cannot fly and LibDems are a party that cannot govern.

Big Cordy RabbitCordy votes for the Green Party

As for the Greens - they’ll have us eating only vegetables so we thought it appropriate to give them a big green rabbit as a mascot.

Eco BearEco Bear backs the SNP

This teddy bear sports a tartan neck ribbon and will be backing the Scottish Nationalist Party as he likes a bit of Salmon(d) for his tea.

Who Gets your vote?

Any ideas for mascots are warmly welcomed but given the current status of politicians in the UK (and the world given the mess they’ve helped create with their banker friends) I won’t hold my breath for too many friendly suggestions!

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