Peg The Hedgehog is on her Travels

Travelling TeddyWe’ve had a weekend of fun with Peg The Hedgehog who Oliver got to look after during the Mayday Bank Holiday.

This cuddly soft toy came with a change of clothes and her very own book bag that is filled in by the child who takes it home.

Take a Bear Home

We’ve had a number of experiences with this kind of thing over the last few years and it seems to be catching on in schools and nurseries within the UK, where the children take it in turn to take the soft toy or teddy bear home and look after them.

The books are filled with photos of excited kids and funny stories of what they got up to.

Start Your Own School’s Teddy Bear Adventure

If you’ve not done this sort of thing before at your school why not give it a go. It’s a real simple idea and really helps the pupils with the concept of looking after someone. It gives them a great chance of writing about something in which they have had a central role.

Peg is back at school and will be with someone else this week but will always hold a special place in Oliver’s heart.

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