Spam Spam Spam Spam, Spam Spam Spam Spam…

You know the rest of the Monty Python song… it’s where we got the name from for all the rubbish that the idiots of the world send to us.

My email box is full of ’em… Affordable watches. High-end watches. Luxury watches. Fantastic watches… etc etc

The porn stuff is heaped especially high – no pun intended. I won’t go into details here but if I ever need an enlargement (I’m not talking photos) I won’t be clicking that link. I mean would you trust them with your manliness??

However, I’m really keen on one of those diplomas – that will get me sorted for my next job… Yeah, right. Then again if I’m really bothered with obtaining a fraudulent qualification I think I could print my own off thanks very much.

What’s the point of all this spam? Does anyone ever fall for it? Is it some kid just being naughty or are we talking crime syndicates making loads of dosh from unsuspecting and curious minds?

Got one today that says, “Your boss needs to be slapped.” That’s almost one where you want to click on it just to see what they’re on about. Probably viagra or vagra or vigara or some other rubbish spelling – all picked up of course by my secret spam weaponry – makes you wonder why they bother. Is there anybody out there who still uses a computer without spam protection. Should be a government health warning. Practice Safe Surfing At All Times Or Your Inbox Gets It!

Anyways, I must go. I’ve got loads of UPS and Fedex parcels waiting for me… And I really need to respond to all those peeps from Facebook who I’ve never heard of… Minutes more of my life ebb away.

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