Mothers Day Gifts

The modern Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in many countries of the world, most commonly held in March, April, or May as a day to honour and celebrate mothers and motherhood.

Mothers Day in the UK and Ireland follows the old traditions of Mothering Sunday and is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday in Lent - a moveable feast that falls on different weeks during March or April - the earliest possible date being 1 March and the latest 4 April.

Typically, gifts are given by sons and daughters to their mum, although sometimes little presents are now also sent to other female family members.

The origins of Mothering Sunday are religious although these had become less well celebrated until an influx of American culture through their involvement in World War II restarted the concept. However, the US Mother’s Day is on a different day - second Sunday in May - and has different origins, being ‘created’ by a West Virginian woman, Anna Jarvis, in 1908 as a day to honour your own mother.

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