Olympics mascot - will you buy it?

I was thinking about the London Olympic Games 2012. I put in my bid for tickets at about 11.30pm last night. It kept crashing but then it half-worked and I managed to pay for tickets that I’d selected about 3 weeks ago but hadn’t finished the transaction process. OK, so I should have done it earlier, but with a million and one things to do life is just so busy.

So that gives me about a 1 in 1000 chance of seeing the mens 100 metres final which will probably be the most sought after event. Or am I being a little over optimistic? Perhaps 1 in a million? Who knows?

I didn’t bother putting down anything else. I wonder if that will be the same with the other hordes who applied. Are we all applying for the same tickets and will there be loads left during the weekdays, and especially for events that are not as popular?

Anways, what Teddy Bear Friends is now thinking is will there be a soft toy mascot for the London Olympics - there’s that strange logo which took ages for me to realise it actually read 2012! I thought it was a lion or something at first. Wasn’t it supposed to be a moving logo that worked in animation? Has that idea been dropped quietly. Maybe someone should remind the PR types.

There’s always a soft toy or teddy bear mascot. But have you seen what’s been dreamed up for this event? A motley crue of the most bizarre looking things you’re ever likely to see. Take a gander at these London 2012 mascots and tell me what the heck is going on. Mandeville and Wenlock - more like power rangers who didn’t make the grade.

I guess we’ll be seeing more of these delightful characters in the months leading up to the games but I’m not sure if they’ll go ‘missing’ along with that animated logo, only to be replaced with a teddy bear wearing an Olympic logo on a t-shirt. We’ll see. And if there is, you’ll find him at that last link.

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