Teddy Bear Friends endorses Bing

I was there when Google was just a buzzword - hey have you heard about this brilliant new search engine. It’s super fast, gives great results, has a clean interface and is easy to use.

I switched from AltaVista mainly although in those days of the late 1990s we had a reasonable choice including excite, Hotbot, Lycos (remember the dog), dogpile and of course Yahoo! I was never a really big fan of Yahoo! as it was created: employing a series of directories that you had to navigate. It could take a good few minutes to get a result and these were limited to those websites who were established.

Google was the new kid on the block. It was fast. It was relevant. It seemed less corporate. It was better.

Yahoo! must have thought so, they started using Google to do the search queries. Very quickly, no one bothered searching through directories anymore. Unfortunately for Yahoo!, they didn’t see the future. Should have built their own search facility (or bought out Google) but they were wedded to the easy bucks of people paying to be in a directory. Didn’t realise the opportunity cost they were missing.

Soon Google streaked past Yahoo! and became top dog. And that’s when it all started going wrong.

Google got religion

Google got all preachy. You mustn’t do this. You mustn’t do that. This is what we want. If you don’t do as we say. And of course, Google doesn’t do evil so they must be right. Hmmm. Global corporation not doing evil. Doesn’t quite ring true. Can it be real?

Google says put your hands on your head

So now Google was telling people how they should develop websites. Build links if you want to appear in our listings. You must be great if you’ve got loads of links says Google.

So the savvy guys built lots - and I mean lots - of links. Google put them at the top. What a brilliant set of results Google now had. Or did it? No, of course, it was just filled with pages of SERPs where people had gamed the engine. No normal website would get that many links so quickly.

So, Google changed the algorithm. Tweaked it a bit here, tweaked it a bit there. Each tweak, rather than taking it nearer to better results ended up taking it further from great results and concluding with a front page full of spammy links and results from the savvy guys who were now tweaking their sites as soon as Big G tweaked the algo.

Anyone without a budget of millions to throw at SEO and all it entails slipped further down the list. Websites that had had their content scraped were now ranking below the scrapers - often not even ranked at all with the scraper listed instead. So much for the quality.

Google had tied itself up in knots. On top of this the results pages jumped up and down, changing as you typed, markers and signposts added left, right and centre, cluttering up the interface - the clean interface was a distant memory. So we had rubbish results and a rubbish interface.

Google advertises Bing

Meanwhile Microsoft had bought out Yahoo and renamed Live to Bing. They had a proportion of the search but weren’t pulling up trees. And then Google shot itself in the foot. Started a debate about Bing stealing its results. Bing?? thought the general populace. Who are they? Wonder if they’re any good? Can’t find what I’m looking for with this revamped Google. I’ll give Bing a try.

And, what did those looking at Bing for the first time discover? They saw a brilliant new search engine. It’s super fast, gives great results, has a clean interface and is easy to use.

Sound familiar??

Teddy Bear Friends is endoring Bing. We don’t get paid by them. We don’t expect payment. We just want a half-decent search facility when navigating the web and now that Google has decided to move away from it’s core values, it’s time for a change. Goodbye Google, Hello Bing.

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