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It looks as if interest rates are to remain low for the forseeable future. Would our weakened economy be able to take increased rates as well as inflation?

Of course, either way the standard of living is slowly falling as the pound in your pocket begins to purchase less and less: as costs of pretty much all raw materials rise and speculators move more and more into commodities having messed up elsewhere and taken their profits. The growth of India and China as consumer economies will also impact on prices and the only way is up.

This has been a difficult period for many people including those who we would normally consider comfortable. If you’re unemployed then you’ll really be feeling the pressure and you have my sympathies: I’ve been there before and I know that it is one of the most awful experiences to go through. Not knowing when it will end (it will end so hang in there) and having a sense of worthlessness is no easy situation.

Even those in full employment are feeling the strain as we pay off all the credit cards and excesses of the last decade. I suppose it’s all relative and when you feel the pinch in your wallet then it doesn’t always matter to you that others are in an even worse position than yourself.

Things We’re Doing To Give You Low Prices

At Teddy Bear Friends we always strive to offer our customers the best deals on the best quality teddy bears and baby gifts. We hope that our efforts to reduce our costs are bringing benefits to our customers through lower prices on gifts of distinction. We have brought together our best offers on one webpage – click to see our teddy bear special offers and see how much money you can save.

The costs of Royal Selangor pewter have outstripped most gifts due to the skyrocketing of tin prices, but we hope that our long-term low price deal on their teddy bear bookends offers those who are looking for quality, an excellent birthday gift that will last a lifetime.

Our fantastic DEAL Of The DAY gives everyone the opportunity to buy a brilliant teddy bear from Steiff or another top brandname at a super knockdown price. We change the deal every day and all products are brand new and often showcase new editions or collectible teddy bears that you may otherwise be unable to afford.

Teddy Bear Friends – always offering quality and value

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