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Steiff baby bears are a childs best friend

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Think of the first thing a new born is given, despite the initial shock of entering such a foreign world, and what springs instantly to mind resembles something of a cute and cuddly nature. Perhaps the reason baby bears are handed out so frequently is the fact that their cuteness mimics that of the newborn so affectionately. There is something so comforting in observing the interaction between a youngster and their first steiff – the initial sense of inquisitiveness and uncertainty followed by the lifelong, unbreakable rapport. The number of late adolescents and indeed, adults, who remain attached to their very first baby bear is quite a surprising statistic – reflecting the relationship-building nature of man as well as the undeniable cuteness of baby toys.

Steiff baby gifts are shrouded in fondness – soft, innocent, cute and entirely vulnerable, exactly those attributes which encompasses a new born baby or young child. Parents want to see both strive, to observe how the two grow together, each is a reflection of the other. The diversity of first steiff gifts is staggering, coming in every imagine shape and size – wee baby elephants to musical rabbits, even sleepy lambs. All designed with one main purpose in mind, to exude feelings of total cuteness.

The brilliant thing about Steiff baby bears is the fact that they are designed to put both new and experienced parents at total peace of mind. The point is that they are entirely ‘baby safe’, all textiles are tested for harmful substances, enabling youngsters to chew, bite, play and bash their best teddy bear friends around without even the slightest glimpse of injury to themselves. This can be directly observed in first Steiff gifts of generations past, though most appear slightly ‘bashed around’, many still possess those features which first endeared mum and dad to pick it over another.

Clearly, because of the importance of these cute little toys, choosing the best supplier is crucial, not least to ensure high quality but also to ensure the best possible price. There are a whole host of steiff baby suppliers online, but only a handful offer the very best of deals. Currently, is offering shoppers £5 cash back on every order and the opportunity to mix and match all items in the Steiff Baby range, which is why they are one of the most popular online resources for teddies and baby bears.

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Teddies are as popular as ever

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Teddy bears have always been a popular choice with the consumer, due to their endearing and aesthetic appeal as well as their cuddly nature. As teddies have evolved, so has their appealing allure, with numerous differing styles available that cater for young and old alike and diverse and individual requirements. Whether large, small, pink or blue, teddies conjure an emotive, almost child like allure which is the basis for their enduring popularity.

When it comes to finding a range of teddies from a renowned and respected online resource, many choose to visit the pages of This impressive website has gained a growing and loyal following, all of whom are looking for teddies of distinction. Whether looking for baby bear options such as Jumbo first teddy bear, or pink teddy bear alternatives such as Pink baby bear, there is a glittering array of choice to satisfy any requirements.

The website itself, which can be found at, as the name implies offers an impressive array of the best quality bears and baby gifts. Its pages are replete with a stunning array of teddy bears including baby bear options as well as multi coloured alternatives such as a pink teddy bear. Each of the teddies are displayed with imagery and comprehensive information about the teddy itself, including current stock information as well as alternatives that are similar in many ways.

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Beatrix Potter-Reutter porcelain miniature tea sets are a gift to savour

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The name Beatrix Potter is a name that is renowned the world over and justifiably so, by virtue of characters such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck to name but a few, that have enlivened the imagination and lives of many children around the globe. Reutter porcelain is another renowned brand who have earned an enviable reputation for beautifully crafted miniature collections which are breathtaking in every way. Reutter porcelain also offers within their extensive range, a delightful array of Beatrix Potter themed tea sets which encapsulate the endearing quality of the characters.

The Beatrix Potter range includes a variety of differing themes such as the miniature Peter Rabbit tea set which comes with two place settings and includes miniature plates, teacups and saucers as well as an authentic milk jug and matching sugar bowl and small teapot. Fans of Beatrix Potter no doubt would delight in the superb craftsmanship on display and the authentic style which captures the Beatrix Potter theme to perfection. An alternative option may well be the superb Peter Rabbit picnic basket which within its contents includes a lovely beautifully made tea set for two, which comes with all that is required for a picnic such as plates, cups and cutlery, all of which is housed within a sumptuous basket. As with all of the porcelain miniatures, each piece is lovingly recreated from original drawings with fine detail.

All of these and more can be found through the leading online resource,, which has grown to become one of the most renowned Beatrix Potter miniature tea set resources to be found within the sites on the web. They offer an extensive range of Reutter porcelain miniature tea sets which also includes elements of Alice in Wonderland, such as the infamous Mad Hatter’s tea party through to characters such as Paddington bear, all of whom have been immortalised in miniature porcelain, which ultimately offers a fabulous gift which will live long in the memory.

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Porcelain Tea sets - the perfect reminder of early childhood

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The vast majority of us look back on our childhoods with memories nothing short of being shrouded in utter fondness. The innocence of youth is something irreplaceable – the period in which playfulness and laughter are the only aspects in life worth exploiting. Early memories are best rekindled through childhood-like mediums, teddy bears, tea cups, cuddly items and the like. For it is these which captivate the imaginations of children – sweet and adorable, exactly like the items themselves.

Of the most championed early years tales has got to be awarded to the Alice in wonderland saga, personified by film, and based on the world acclaimed book. Of the most memorable of scenes is the mad hatter’s tea party – an eclectic gathering of other-worldly creatures and characters, so varied in appearance they have been captivating the imaginations of children timelessly. Arguably of the most cherished and adorable of other film characters has got to be awarded to tom kitten and benjamin bunny – two of the most instantly recognisable and cute-exuding characters to grace the title covers of any book or film trilogy.

What better way to portray and embrace such wonderful characters than through the art of porcelain miniatures, renowned the world over for their quality of portrayals, attention to detail and master of craftsmanship? Porcelain teas sets represent the essence of childhood – covered in novelist scenes, boasting real-world applications and so affectionately produced they can not fail but to entice all of the many lovers of children’s tales.

Such is the degree of detail however; porcelain items more often than not come at a premium to match the skill level – with many fetching in excess of £65. Teddy Bear Friends is an online retailer, offering all of these notable collectables but at prices which continue to draw those of a more budget-minded disposition. With deals such as – ‘Big Valentine Bear by Gund’ for only £40 (making a saving of £25), as well as numerous others which continue to follow suit, it is little wonder they are the supplier of choice.

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