Porcelain Tea sets – the perfect reminder of early childhood

The vast majority of us look back on our childhoods with memories nothing short of being shrouded in utter fondness. The innocence of youth is something irreplaceable – the period in which playfulness and laughter are the only aspects in life worth exploiting. Early memories are best rekindled through childhood-like mediums, teddy bears, tea cups, cuddly items and the like. For it is these which captivate the imaginations of children – sweet and adorable, exactly like the items themselves.

Of the most championed early years tales has got to be awarded to the Alice in wonderland saga, personified by film, and based on the world acclaimed book. Of the most memorable of scenes is the mad hatter’s tea party – an eclectic gathering of other-worldly creatures and characters, so varied in appearance they have been captivating the imaginations of children timelessly. Arguably of the most cherished and adorable of other film characters has got to be awarded to tom kitten and benjamin bunny – two of the most instantly recognisable and cute-exuding characters to grace the title covers of any book or film trilogy.

What better way to portray and embrace such wonderful characters than through the art of porcelain miniatures, renowned the world over for their quality of portrayals, attention to detail and master of craftsmanship? Porcelain teas sets represent the essence of childhood – covered in novelist scenes, boasting real-world applications and so affectionately produced they can not fail but to entice all of the many lovers of children’s tales.

Such is the degree of detail however; porcelain items more often than not come at a premium to match the skill level – with many fetching in excess of £65. Teddy Bear Friends is an online retailer, offering all of these notable collectables but at prices which continue to draw those of a more budget-minded disposition. With deals such as – ‘Big Valentine Bear by Gund’ for only £40 (making a saving of £25), as well as numerous others which continue to follow suit, it is little wonder they are the supplier of choice.

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