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Leading Teddy Bear Friends website offers make a bear options

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The teddy bear is so much more than just a dribble drenched, half-emaciated, baby soothing item. Though they fulfil the role as a child friendly loveable friend, teddies can also be valuable collectors items, surprise valentines gifts and general mood enhancing toys. Increasingly, teddy enthusiasts are turning to the services of ‘build a bear’ companies, allowing for more individualised, highly personal stuffed toys. Whether based around a favourite character or dressed in human-like clothes, this is a service which is transforming the face of the traditional teddy. Teddy Bear Friends is the online home of the internets most renowned ‘make a bear’ company. Boasting bears of all forms, shapes and varieties, customers can personalise their teddies to within exacting, tailored requirements.

Not only does Teddy Bear Friends strive to provide the customer with the UK’s greatest range of online make a bear options, the company also seeks to offer the UK’s lowest prices on all build a bear alternatives. There are a myriad of options to select from in choosing Teddy Bear Friends, as observed from the homepage – From big teddy bears to the traditional or the giant and the sleeping, there is something for everyone. It is here customers can make the most of the daily sales on a range of stuffed animals.

The extensive stuffed toy range is matched only by the company’s impressive client base. Teddy Bear Friends has developed a reputation for excellence, as is well conveyed in some of the consumer remarks: “What great service!! I called to check how ’squishy’ another bear was and received great advice. Don’t hesitate - buy your bear from Teddy Bear Friends!” “My daughter had been looking on the website and fell in love with the monkey; she saved up her pocket money so she could buy him”.

As well as the traditional and more affordable teddies, Teddy Bear Friends also boasts the industry’s most sought after teddy brand “Steiff “, synonymous with quality, bears from this brand are sure to last a lifetime. Also available are teddies from the Sesame Street series, particular favourites because of the global reputation of the characters.

So, if in search for a unique teddy gift, be sure to head to the bear factory –

Social Media Aarrgghhhh

Friday, February 17th, 2012

There’s facebook and twitter and reddit and linkedin and youtube and googleplus and stumbleupon and on and on and on.

And now there’s a new kid on the block. Pinterest is just one more social media site that businesses will worry about not being on. Apparently, it has just overtaken twitter, google+ and youtube (see story) so it’s something that has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Business and social media

So should business be on these social media? Should we be on all of them? Are we just wasting our time and resources or is it free advertising - at least until they’re monetized and then we can move on to the next one!

Does anyone remember myspace? Myspace was the biggest thing since sliced bread - millions were on it and everyone said it was the place to be. How many businesses put resources into that just to see it dwindle once it got monetized and everyone moved on.

Will Pinterest go the same way? Or will it be the next facebook? And if it does, will facebook become the next myspace?

From a business perspective should we be on these systems as actual people representing our business or should we just leave it to the kids, and use our time developing advertisements to show on all systems. A bit too old-style?

The new way to advertise

Has the game changed completely and is this the new advertising medium. Instead of spending on google adwords and msn adcenter, should the budget be re-allocated to employing someone full-time to build and maintain a presence on all these fronts.

Let’s face it, it’s so time consuming if you want to have a proper relationship rather than just push out promotional material once a day. That’s a big cost but one that could be borne if we could definitely say that it brings a ROI.

So, as the girls on the L’oreal commercials say, “because, I’m worth it.” Or am I??

What I want to know is whether the traffic converts? All very well, telling me how many clicks these sites are giving us, but are they just looking or are they buying?

Leading online resource offers the greatest collection of teddy bears for Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

That time of year again is almost upon us, the time where love, passion and sometimes even heartbreak, spill over. February 14th is the undoubted day of joyousness, the one day in the year it is both acceptable and actively encouraged to publicly convey love for one another. For some Valentines Day is nothing more than a glorified commercial opportunity, for others, it is one of the most memorable days of the year and for the remaining, it is a period which is neither cherished nor dreaded, one which simply arrives once per year. Valentines Day is perhaps most exhilarating for the secret lover, the individual who can no longer resist the lure of another. Teddy Bear Friends is the online home of the internets most impressive selection of valentine’s bears – ideal for all partakers – expectant girlfriends, hapless boyfriends and eager secret valentines.

Valentines Day can, for some, be an intricate balance. Failing to impress a long suffering girlfriend will result in the inevitable - the individual being placed firmly in the dog house for indefinite periods of time. Presenting the unexpecting boyfriend with something overly provocative, something perhaps a little feminine and risk denting his fragile ego. Worst still, reveal for the first time, a lacklustre valentines gift to a secret valentines and say goodbye to any ideas of long term romance. This is where Teddy Bear Friends is so very useful, providing the ultimate collection of teddy bears for Valentines day which includes an impressive range of Valentine bears for all genders, tastes and budget sizes.

For the animal loving, Teddy Bear Friends boasts an adorably cute Valentines bear range to satisfy even the most devout. How about the ‘Valentines Day Jumbo Puppy’? This little guy sports a red bow, is covered in jet black fur and carries a plush red love heart – the cutest canine to be had this Valentines. Or why not consider the ‘Little Panda Bear’ – innocently wearing a beaming love heart whilst staring on affectionately – the ultimate signal of showing he cares. Customers can also purchase Valentine teddy bears of real individuality, one which boasts a message of true personality. Whether the customer is ‘Head over Heals’ in love or simply wants to shout ‘Be my Valentine’, there is a loveable gift to suit all.

Why not buy something that is sure to impress on Valentines Days by visiting

Valentines Teddy Bears

Monday, February 6th, 2012
Say I Love You

10% OFF

Save 10% on all our Valentines teddy bears for a limited time

Roses are red…

I Love You Bear I’m Head Over Heels in Love
This gorgeous teddy will deliver the right message with his neck ribbon and little organza bag.
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  Singing Bear MUSICAL BEAR
Watch video
Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours!
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Violets are blue…

Elmo Sesame Street’s Elmo Is Huggable
Send a cute Elmo to your sweetheart or fella - a charming gift for both.
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  Singing Puppy MUSICAL PUPPY
Watch video
Do You Love Me?
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Sugar is sweet…

Panda Bear Little Panda Bear Has A Heart
Little Panda Bear wears a red plaid ribbon round his neck and sports a red loveheart to show he cares.
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  Singing Gorilla MUSICAL GORILLA
Watch video
Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe
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Large Rory Bear A Big Valentines Bear To Show You Care
A soft white bear from top maker Gund is a most romantic gift to send.
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  Mailin Monkey MUSICAL MONKEY
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Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours!
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Oh, Yes I do…

Bobby Valentine Bear Little Bear Says I Love You
A quality Steiff bear with a red loveheart - a gift that will remain loved and cherished for years to come.
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  Singing Lion MUSICAL LION
Watch video
I’ve Got A Bad Case Of Loving You!
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Click here for our full range of Valentines Teddy Bears

We’ve also got a great selection of quality Valentines cards, chocolates and gift packaging to make the perfect Valentines gift. Select your gift first, then add a card and chocolates from the Shopping Basket, then add gift packaging and a message during the checkout process.

Leading Teddy Bear Friends website offers this season’s cutest love

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Nothing says “I Love You” more compassionately than the delivery of a cute bundle of teddy bear affection. The staple of the love struck valentine, the love teddy is one old favourite which can not fail to impress. Regardless of the effort expended, for the lucky recipient, to receive an ‘I love you teddy’, is like receiving conformation of passion. It encapsulates all the little nuisances a person sometimes fails to convey ordinarily – love, affection, admiration, longevity, romanticism, the list could continue. The problem lies of course, with choosing a bear which combines class with affection, one which could, by no means, be confused with tack and impulse. Teddy Bear Friends is the online home of the teddy bear shop, hosting a range of this Valentines Day’s most memorably adorable love bears.

Who says a love you bear has to be restricted to the female realm? This Valentines present is one which is as versatile as endearing. Many a boyfriend or husband would be equally as pleased to receive such a gift. That is the point of Teddy Bear Friends, due to the enormity of bears on offer; customers can select one which is entirely suitable for their needs. If buying for a lucky girlfriend, customers may opt for a love bear more decorative, one more decadent and covered in hearts. If buying for a male on the other hand, something a little plainer, one which is cute and distinctly boyish would suffice. In this instance ‘Lenny Lion Musical Gund’ may be more appropriate, combining aspects of masculine prowess with hardcore rock and roll.

As well as the vast collection of cuddly love teddy options and fluffy animals, there are those which could appeal to the tastes of either sex. The ‘Kyndall Frog Gund’ is one such example – a lovably cute fictional frog, clad in the softest green exterior and clutching at a very large heart. The heart reads ‘Hugs and Kisses’ – what better or more adorable way to showcase ones feelings to a loved one?

Having selected the ultimate ‘I love you teddy’ customers can finish off their shopping with the purchase of one Teddy Bear Friends equally gorgeous Valentines Day cards. So, if in search for something original this year, be sure to review the love bears at

For further information visit