Leading Teddy Bear Friends website offers this season’s cutest love

Nothing says “I Love You” more compassionately than the delivery of a cute bundle of teddy bear affection. The staple of the love struck valentine, the love teddy is one old favourite which can not fail to impress. Regardless of the effort expended, for the lucky recipient, to receive an ‘I love you teddy’, is like receiving conformation of passion. It encapsulates all the little nuisances a person sometimes fails to convey ordinarily – love, affection, admiration, longevity, romanticism, the list could continue. The problem lies of course, with choosing a bear which combines class with affection, one which could, by no means, be confused with tack and impulse. Teddy Bear Friends is the online home of the teddy bear shop, hosting a range of this Valentines Day’s most memorably adorable love bears.

Who says a love you bear has to be restricted to the female realm? This Valentines present is one which is as versatile as endearing. Many a boyfriend or husband would be equally as pleased to receive such a gift. That is the point of Teddy Bear Friends, due to the enormity of bears on offer; customers can select one which is entirely suitable for their needs. If buying for a lucky girlfriend, customers may opt for a love bear more decorative, one more decadent and covered in hearts. If buying for a male on the other hand, something a little plainer, one which is cute and distinctly boyish would suffice. In this instance ‘Lenny Lion Musical Gund’ may be more appropriate, combining aspects of masculine prowess with hardcore rock and roll.

As well as the vast collection of cuddly love teddy options and fluffy animals, there are those which could appeal to the tastes of either sex. The ‘Kyndall Frog Gund’ is one such example – a lovably cute fictional frog, clad in the softest green exterior and clutching at a very large heart. The heart reads ‘Hugs and Kisses’ – what better or more adorable way to showcase ones feelings to a loved one?

Having selected the ultimate ‘I love you teddy’ customers can finish off their shopping with the purchase of one Teddy Bear Friends equally gorgeous Valentines Day cards. So, if in search for something original this year, be sure to review the love bears at https://www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/valentines-teddy-bears.php.

For further information visit https://www.teddybearfriends.co.uk

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