Social Media Aarrgghhhh

There’s facebook and twitter and reddit and linkedin and youtube and googleplus and stumbleupon and on and on and on.

And now there’s a new kid on the block. Pinterest is just one more social media site that businesses will worry about not being on. Apparently, it has just overtaken twitter, google+ and youtube (see story) so it’s something that has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Business and social media

So should business be on these social media? Should we be on all of them? Are we just wasting our time and resources or is it free advertising – at least until they’re monetized and then we can move on to the next one!

Does anyone remember myspace? Myspace was the biggest thing since sliced bread – millions were on it and everyone said it was the place to be. How many businesses put resources into that just to see it dwindle once it got monetized and everyone moved on.

Will Pinterest go the same way? Or will it be the next facebook? And if it does, will facebook become the next myspace?

From a business perspective should we be on these systems as actual people representing our business or should we just leave it to the kids, and use our time developing advertisements to show on all systems. A bit too old-style?

The new way to advertise

Has the game changed completely and is this the new advertising medium. Instead of spending on google adwords and msn adcenter, should the budget be re-allocated to employing someone full-time to build and maintain a presence on all these fronts.

Let’s face it, it’s so time consuming if you want to have a proper relationship rather than just push out promotional material once a day. That’s a big cost but one that could be borne if we could definitely say that it brings a ROI.

So, as the girls on the L’oreal commercials say, “because, I’m worth it.” Or am I??

What I want to know is whether the traffic converts? All very well, telling me how many clicks these sites are giving us, but are they just looking or are they buying?

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