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Easter bunny rabbits prove popular

Friday, March 30th, 2012

With Easter drawing near, thoughts turn to chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. Traditionally a time when Easter gifts are offered, one of the most popular types of gifts are unsurprisingly in the form of Easter bunny rabbits. These cuddly and endearing gifts are the perfect choice for those looking for an appropriate gift for the Easter period. is one of the most popular online locations for those who are looking for a suitable charming and cuddly Easter bunny, with a wide selection on offer.

Easter is celebrated throughout the world and gifts are often given to mark the event. One of the most popular gifts, are Easter bunny rabbits, as they have a wide appeal due to their cuddly and loving nature. There are a wide and diverse selection of available bunnies rabbits offered that ensure there is something for everyone. is one of the most utilised online resources offering a stunning selection of Easter bunnies, all of which can be reviewed within the pages of their website.

Whether looking for big bunny rabbits such as the Jellycat huge bashful bunny, with its squeezable midrift and long arms and short legs or the Babs white rabbit from Gund that features a cute expression and cuddly demeanour, teddybearfriends is able to provide all of these and more. The websites layout offers a simple means of accessing a huge array of teddy bear options including a comprehensive range of rabbit toy alternatives. Each of the relevant items is displayed with impressive imagery as well as detailed information regarding the product itself and stock availability. For those who may have any particular enquiries a useful landline number is provided enabling anyone to contact the company and talk to a relevant representative.

This Easter, when looking for that gift which shows emotive thought, an Easter bunny is an ideal gift that engenders wonderful feelings. By making use of the resource, the individual and consumer are assured of outstanding quality Easter products as well as excellent levels of customer service.

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Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Teddy Bear Friends is pleased to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II accession to the throne with this special Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear souvenir.

This collectible teddy bear made by Teddy Hermann is a beautiful creation that will mark this unique occasion.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was born in 1926 and has reigned over the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth Realms since 1952.

A beautiful teddy bear for any collector of special editions, especially those with a royal or monarchist connection, this bear is part of a limited edition of 300.

Leading online Teddy Bear Friends resource offers the cutest range of St Patricks gifts

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

What is St Patricks day? And what, if anything, is best to buy as a gift on such an occasion? What many of us associate with the event is that it arrives once annually, falling on March 17th and is one which is followed up by mass celebration of all things Irish, a little too much beverage consumption and the occasional poor Irish parody. Pig under the arm and clad in leprechaun-esque costume, many a reveller hits the town in what is traditionally a cultural celebration and Irish religious day. It is all very well and good going out to celebrate, but what about the serious matter of gift buying? Expressing one’s gratitude to the much adored patron St Patrick. Teddy Bear Friends, one of the internet’s leading soft toys suppliers, has the answer in form of a selection of adorable bears.

For those who ask the question what is St Patricks day?, many will find that though universally celebrated, St Patrick’s day is, of course, a day most poignant for the Irish and their respective descendants. When purchasing St Patricks gifts for such a passionate group it should reflect the true emotion of the day, and what better show of understanding than a wholly appropriate St Patricks day teddy bear? All unite in the common theme and characteristic dress sense and yet all can be personalised to match the personalities of the recipient. There are bears wearing green ribbons, green coloured bears, those boasting shamrocks, even the less conventional green rabbits and giggling girls dolls.

For those in search of something of a more simplistic nature ‘Dempsey’ by Gund would make for the perfect St Paddy’s Day gift. Taking the form of the classic teddy bear shape and colouration, this little guy boasts just a simple green scarf and miniature jointed limbs. This classic bear will act as the perfect gift for anybody, newborn Irish baby to the Irish grandmother.

For those after something a little less formal, ‘Sesame Street Oscar’ by Gund is the ideal alternative. Though clearly less traditional, the fact that Oscar boasts deep green shaggy fur is apt enough. This St Patrick’s Day gift actually takes the form of a hand puppet – when coupled with the softness of his fur, Oscar would be best enjoyed by those more junior Irish members.

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Teddy Bear Friends is the perfect resource when searching for a Mothers Day teddy bear

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Mother’s Day, an event which passes only once annually, an occasion which tugs at the heart strings of even the most hard of progeny. For just one day a year we can pay homage to the efforts of hard working mothers up and down the country. Rare an occasion it is when the female relatives in the family enjoy exclusive tender love and care. As such, weighing in mind the infrequency of Mother’s Day coupled with the year long efforts of our mums, when the day eventually arrives, it is our duty as loving children to express our most sincere of gratitude, love and admiration. Purchasing a gift with encapsulates all three is, however, something a little less straight forward. Teddy Bear Friends is the leading online retailer of all things teddy-like, offering a host of teddy-orientated gifts for Mother’s Day.

A teddy is a gift of universal appreciation, adored across generations and welcomed openly among the sexes. Few items incite greater feelings of content, of well being and of affection, presented either to the family of a new born or show of love on Mother’s Day. For this special day, Teddy Bear friends has drawn together a collection of its most traditional and most appropriate Mothers day teddy bear options and soft toys, so as to make available the broadest and most sought after range for this fast approaching event. As an additional extra, and unique to Mother’s Day, it is also possible to couple any teddy bear gift with a range of indulgent chocolates offering a unique range of gifts for Mothers day.

It takes only an initial glance at the Mother’s Day teddy bear range to grasp a flavour of the diversity of characters Teddy Bear Friends wish to appeal to. Teddy bears of all prices and varieties are on show here providing plenty of ideas for Mothers day. Take the ‘For Someone Special’ teddy by Gund, at only £12.95 this is a real bargain find, cute, affordable and exuding the most apt of messages, this would be ideal for those not wanting to spend the earth. For the less budget conscious, Steiff’s ‘I Love You’ bear would make for the perfect gift. Sporting a red ribbon and adopting the classic teddy agenda, few would argue with the credentials of such a classic bear.

So, for those struggling for gift ideas for Mothers day this year, do not delay in heading to

Mothers Day gifts ideas

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

When it comes to looking at what to get as an appropriate Mothers day gift, the choice is somewhat confusing, from the traditional flowers and chocolates through to perfumes and clothing. However one of the most prevalent types of gifts that have become a firm favourite in recent years are teddy bears for mum. Teddy bears offer an unrivalled and unique gift idea which inherently provides ideal presents for Mothers day. One of the leading online resources offering a stunning array of high quality teddy bears, perfect for Mothers day is the website,

Mothers day is a traditional day when we show our appreciation for the work, dedication and love that our mothers show us. It is a time honoured tradition which is not only celebrated in the UK, but many parts of the world. It is a day when we offer Mothers day gifts, as a token of our appreciation. This can take a wide array of formats, but increasingly popular is the idea of a teddy bear which offers all of the benefits that are adored by mothers the world over. When looking for teddy bears for mum, using a renowned website such as, makes the task somewhat easier.

The website displays a stunning amount of presents for Mothers day, with the emphasis, as you would expect, on teddy bear related gifts. With well known and respected brands such as Steiff, Gund and Bukowski available, there is indeed a wide selection of options to choose from, ensuring there is something to cater for every eventuality and circumstance. The relevant products are displayed with imagery as well as detailed information relating to the product itself, in addition to the price. Many of the teddy bears also have a relevant message attached, which is specific to the celebration or event.

When looking for an ideal Mothers day gift, the aim is to provide a gift that encapsulates the depth of feeling we have for our precious mothers. A teddy bear is the perfect choice as it reflects the endearing nature and appeal of our mothers whilst being cuddly and eminently adorable.

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Find a beautiful Mothers day teddy bear through Teddybearfriends

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Mothering Sunday is a day whereby as a nation we celebrate mothers and the wonderful things that they do. Otherwise known as Mothers day, this traditional day of celebration is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent every year and provides a suitable occasion for us to express our gratitude and endearing feelings for our Mothers. Although in different forms, Mothers day is celebrated in a surprising number of countries worldwide. However, the issue for many is how to find a suitable gift to represent their heartfelt feelings for their mother, which is why many choose the humble teddy bear.

There is no doubt that one of the inherent benefits of teddy bears is their versatility. Apart from the stunning array of options that are now available when it comes to finding teddy bears, by virtue of the manner in which they are clothed and presented, enables them to be utilised for a wide variety of occasions whether looking for birthdays, weddings, christenings or Mother’s Day. Teddy bears have a timeless appeal, and their utilisation as a gift, goes back many years. With this in mind, when looking for a suitable gift for an event or occasion such as Mothers day, one of the best online resources for Mothers day teddy bear options has become

This engaging and popular online teddy bear shop provides the consumer with an impressive array of options all encompassed within the pages of an aesthetically appealing website. Teddy bears can be found in all manner of guises which ensures that there is something for everyone including teddy bears for mum and with a simple yet effective layout the resource provides the ideal destination to find that gift that will engender the right response. In addition to keep abreast of any special offers, the website continually places details of offers through twitter and also embraces social media with its Facebook page.

For those who don’t know what date is Mothers day, this year it is on the 18th March

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