Leading online Teddy Bear Friends resource offers the cutest range of St Patricks gifts

What is St Patricks day? And what, if anything, is best to buy as a gift on such an occasion? What many of us associate with the event is that it arrives once annually, falling on March 17th and is one which is followed up by mass celebration of all things Irish, a little too much beverage consumption and the occasional poor Irish parody. Pig under the arm and clad in leprechaun-esque costume, many a reveller hits the town in what is traditionally a cultural celebration and Irish religious day. It is all very well and good going out to celebrate, but what about the serious matter of gift buying? Expressing one’s gratitude to the much adored patron St Patrick. Teddy Bear Friends, one of the internet’s leading soft toys suppliers, has the answer in form of a selection of adorable bears.

For those who ask the question what is St Patricks day?, many will find that though universally celebrated, St Patrick’s day is, of course, a day most poignant for the Irish and their respective descendants. When purchasing St Patricks gifts for such a passionate group it should reflect the true emotion of the day, and what better show of understanding than a wholly appropriate St Patricks day teddy bear? All unite in the common theme and characteristic dress sense and yet all can be personalised to match the personalities of the recipient. There are bears wearing green ribbons, green coloured bears, those boasting shamrocks, even the less conventional green rabbits and giggling girls dolls.

For those in search of something of a more simplistic nature ‘Dempsey’ by Gund would make for the perfect St Paddy’s Day gift. Taking the form of the classic teddy bear shape and colouration, this little guy boasts just a simple green scarf and miniature jointed limbs. This classic bear will act as the perfect gift for anybody, newborn Irish baby to the Irish grandmother.

For those after something a little less formal, ‘Sesame Street Oscar’ by Gund is the ideal alternative. Though clearly less traditional, the fact that Oscar boasts deep green shaggy fur is apt enough. This St Patrick’s Day gift actually takes the form of a hand puppet – when coupled with the softness of his fur, Oscar would be best enjoyed by those more junior Irish members.

If in search of something a little different this saint Patricks day, be sure to try one of Teddy Bear Friend’s numerous adorable bears, simply visit www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/st-patricks-bears.