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Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear, Diamond Jubilee limited edition on offer

Friday, April 27th, 2012

As almost everyone within the UK and beyond will be aware, this year is the Queens Diamond Jubilee. A number of events are planned locally and nationally to coincide with this prestigious event that marks 60 years of the Queens rule, from her ascension in 1952 to the present year. In addition there will no doubt be a number of commemorative gifts for those who enjoy the memorabilia of events or are simply collectors. One of the finest collectors items that is extremely limited in terms of availability is the Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear by Teddy Hermann, which is available through

As with any national event, collectible items are always in demand. One of the key facets of any form of collectible item is its rarity value, which is essentially down to the number produced. By offering a limited edition with a run of only a few hundred, the appeal of the item is greatly enhanced. The Queens Diamond Jubilee offers a unique opportunity, and as such collectible items are being offered, however one of the most endearing and genuinely collectible is the aforementioned Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear, on offer through

The website, is currently offering this impressive Diamond Jubilee themed teddy bear which is simply stunning. This Queen teddy Bear is by Teddy Hermann and is a beautifully crafted Queen teddy bear that comes with a royal blue cloak that has the insignia of the Queen in addition to a tiara. The bear itself is a light silver mohair teddy bear which is a highly collectible teddy bear by virtue of the fact that it is part of a limited edition of only 300.

The resource is a popular destination for anyone looking for teddy bear related collectible items. Its pages are full of an outstanding assortment of products which cater for all manner of desires and requirements. Each of the products is displayed with imagery and content summarising it to enable the visitor to make an informed choice.

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New Sesame Street Puppets

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Teddy Bear Friends is pleased to announce that they are now stocking the new Sesame Street Puppets from Gund.

New for 2012, Sesame Street Cookie Monster Puppet is a great gift for both boys and girls. Use them to create your own puppet shows or just for general fun play.

The new design now includes the full body shape of the Sesame Street characters - who come originally from the world-famous US childrens television show. Sesame Street Elmo Puppet is always one of the favourites and he’s sure to please little people. The full body puppets are different to the previous range of hand puppets, as they now include legs that dangle down in front of the child’s hand.

Sesame Street is as popular as it’s ever been, and the new puppet range will continue this trend. Sesame Street Big Bird Puppet welcomes you to Sesame Street - a world of children’s learning and fun.

Sesame Street Grover Full Puppet is a groovy hand puppet with mouth open wide to shout out Hello! and arms open wide to cuddle you. This bright blue soft toy has big flat eyes and dangling arms with chunky blue paws.

Come to Teddy Bear Friends for quality soft toys and teddy bears. Check out our full range of Sesame Street soft toys here.

Find Winnie the pooh baby gifts for birthdays and christenings through Teddybearfriends

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

When it comes to finding an appropriate gift for a baby, favourite characters from famous childrens stories are always a popular choice. One of the most popular childrens characters is Winnie the pooh, probably due to its endearing and lovable disposition and bumbling persona. Finding suitable Winnie the pooh baby gifts is made somewhat easier by using the website which features an impressive array of options such as the Winnie the pooh musical carousel and the Winnie the pooh money bank amongst many others.

Winnie the pooh baby gifts are always a popular choice with those looking for a beautiful and unrivalled gift idea for a baby. Whether for birthdays or christenings, any type of gift that has the lovable character, Winnie the pooh adorned on it will be a popular choice with the lucky recipient. Within the resource, the consumer is able to gain access to a glittering array of options, all of which are stunning in their design and aesthetic appeal and are appealing in every way.

The website is an effective repository of Winnie the pool gifts that come in a variety of alternative options such as the Winnie the pooh musical carousel which offers a wonderful gift for a baby and which plays the renowned Winnie the pooh tune as it turns. This Royal Selangor pewter carousel comes with a hunny pot lid which is emblazoned with an image of Winnie the pooh eating honey. An alternative option is the Winnie the pooh money bank, which is available in several styles such as the musical money box or the honey pot designed pewter money box, all of which offer the same style and appeal that is expected of a high quality gift.

Irrespective of which product is desired, by reviewing the available options through, the individual is able to choose from a stunning selection of options, all of which are detailed with comprehensive information regarding the item as well as imagery. There is no doubt that any Winnie the pooh gift would provide a gift that will be remembered for many years.

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Friday, April 13th, 2012
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Teddybearfriends offers a multitude of Peter Rabbit gifts

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Beatrix Potter is probably one of the most well known names when it comes to childrens books and lovable characters. Within the Beatrix Potter family, Peter Rabbit is justifiably popular as a central character and as such is a popular choice for those looking for appealing gifts for children. The resource is a leading online resource that plays host to an impressive range of Peter Rabbit gifts that are guaranteed to excite and amuse in equal measure.

The Peter Rabbit shop, which is available through, offers a stunning array of options for the Peter Rabbit fan. Whether looking for Beatrix Potter baby gifts or a childrens tea set the website provides an impressive array of options to cater for all manner of requirements. The resource has become a popular choice with the consumer due to the fact it provides a wide range of beautiful gifts such as Peter Rabbit nursery gift ideas, all of which are simple to locate and purchase at impressive prices.

Find a stunning Reutter porcelain tea set or Beatrix Potter christening gifts is simplicity itself with help from the website, which is able to offer a comprehensive range of options to suit any desire or event. Each of the relevant items is described in sumptuous detailing with imagery displaying the stunningly ornate and authentic designs which make up the various options on offer. The website not only offers Peter Rabbit options but also provides a wide range of Beatrix Potter christening gifts as well as many other endearing alternatives.

Purchasing is simple with the ability to purchase online in a safe and secure environment, whilst for anyone who may have any relevant questions, a useful land line contact number is available allowing anyone to discuss any relevant matters with a company representative. Whether looking for a birthday gift or a christening gift, is able to provide an impressive range of delightful gift ideas to cater for all manner of occasions and budgets.

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