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Save Money on Jellykitten Baby Toys

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
New Jellykitten Baby Gifts

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20% off these Baby Bears and Bunnies

Pink Bebe Bear and Soother
Pink Bebe Bear
Soft Toy and Soother
Bebe Bear and Soother
Blue Bebe Bear
Soft Toy and Soother
Bashful Bunny Medium Pink
Bashful Bunny
Medium Pink

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20% off these Gorgeously Soft Comforters

Bashful Pink Bunny Comforter
Bashful Bunny
Pink Comforter
Bashful Blue Bunny Comforter
Bashful Bunny
Blue Comforter
Bashful Bunny and Soother Boxed
Bashful Bunny
Boxed Set in Beige

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20% off these Delightful Baby Musical Toys

Bashful Bunny Musical Pink
Bashful Bunny
Pink Musical
Bashful Bunny Musical Cream
Bashful Bunny
Cream Musical
Bashful Bunny Musical Blue
Bashful Bunny
Blue Musical

Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears are unrivalled

Monday, May 28th, 2012

When it comes to teddy bears, of all the available options and styles there have been over the years one of the most popular are the Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears. These enigmatic and charismatic range of bears have an endearing quality that is timeless as testified by the fact that Clemens Spieltiere have been producing high quality fully jointed teddy bears for over 60 years. One of the most prestigious online resources offering an impressive range of Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears is the renowned website,

The Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears range covers a wide selection of options and choices which cater for almost any eventuality. This includes the Teddy Eike, which is a classic teddy bear, that is an extremely unique bear and which is an ideal choice as a stunning keepsake. An alternative option is Teddy Freddy, which is teddy bear that comes with bags of personality and an aesthetic appeal that is second to none. This cream coloured bear has a super soft plush feel and comes with paws that are tan coloured. In addition the teddy has a multi coloured scarf to add to its overall appeal. All of these and more can be found through the leading online resource for teddy bears, the appropriately named, Teddybearfriends.

The website, has emerged as one of the most popular online resources for teddy bears offering the biggest teddy bear range online. Its pages are replete with a stunning selection of teddy bears, from all the well known and respected suppliers such as Gund, Steiff as well as the aforementioned Clemens Spieltiere range. The bears are displayed with stunning high quality imagery which highlights the facets of the bears, whilst also providing a useful descriptive summary of the teddy itself.

Whether looking for growling teddy bears or handmade bears that are made in Germany, by world renowned teddy bear company, Clemens Spieltiere, the fact remains that Teddybearfriends is the online location that provides all of these and more in one handy location. For those who wish to be kept abreast of the latest news, offers and competitions, the resource offers the means to sign up for a handy newsletter.

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Find high quality cheap teddy bears at teddybearfriends

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

There is no doubt teddy bears are extremely popular, as seen by the numerous incarnations of them throughout the world. Teddy bears are available in a wide variety of options including those catering for commemorative occasions as well as individual special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Their popularity stems from their appealing demeanour and eminently cuddly nature. However, finding impressive well made, high quality teddy bears at cheap and affordable prices can be somewhat difficult. Fortunately a website exists that provides an impressive array of teddy bear options in one handy location.

Teddybearfriends is a website which is renowned for the high quality of the teddy bears it supplies and has a simple motto which is “we don’t offer cheap teddy bears only quality teddy bears at great value prices” It is a ethos which has proven to be extremely popular with the consumer as seen by its increase in visitors over the years.

The website itself is an impressive resource that provides a simple means of accessing a wealth of content and products relating to teddy bears as well as cheap teddies. All of the teddy bears are displayed with endearing imagery and comprehensive detailed information regarding the teddy bear itself. Whether looking for the latest style of teddy bear or the alternative of a traditional bear, all of which are offered at unrivalled cheap prices, the fact remains that utilising offers a simple yet effective means of finding that special bear for whatever occasion. Ordering is simplicity itself whilst the resource also provides a useful landline contact telephone number which offers the opportunity to contact the company to ask any particular questions and discuss matters with a relevant adviser.

Irrespective of whether looking for a Steiff teddy bear, Jellycat or a Gund alternative, there is something for everyone within the pages of and the best thing of all is the fact that they are offered at prices that are impressive and affordable.

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