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Clemens Bears at Teddy Bear Friends

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Clemens Spieltiere make great teddy bears and are renowned for their top-quality collectible teddy bears by famous designers.

New for 2012, the German company has decided to bring out a new collection of plush teddy bears that have the same loving care and attention in terms of design and build quality. However, their far lower prices make them affordable for everyone to now own a Clemens Bear.

And why wouldn’t you? These gorgeously soft Clemens Bears are perfect for kids and there’s one to suit your taste.

New Clemens Bears

Teddy Bear NoahTeddy Bear Noah is a beautifully coloured teddy bear that is fully jointed and has cream and brown plush. He wears a satin cream ribbon tied in a bow round his neck that perfectly complements his fabulous soft coat.

Teddy Bear Noah also has a brother called Paul who comes in a light grey beige plush. Both are light and soft to touch with suede style paw pads and a brown stitched nose.

Paul Teddy BearPaul Teddy Bear is fully jointed and has a light grey beige plush. These are perfect teddy bears for kids as they are so soft to touch and reasonably light given their size - great for cuddles from small hands.

Ricardo Teddy BearRicardo Teddy Bear is a gorgeous teddy with all-over same coloured plush and comes in three colours. Shown here is the cream teddy bear while he has brothers in light brown teddy bear and auburn teddy bear.

Teddy Bear Friends loves these new designs and they are sure to be as popular as some of the earlier Clemens Bears also available to buy online. They are equally suitable to give both boys and girls for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.

Teddy Bear AndreTeddy Bear Andre is also new for 2012. At 30cm, he’s smaller than Ricardo but equally adorable. Andre has light brown pointed plush and he also has a brother with silver pointed plush. A super teddy bear gift for any special occasion and one that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Manuel Teddy BearManuel Teddy Bear is a softer, smaller and more squishy teddy bear who comes in four colours - all available to buy at Teddy Bear Friends. Order gift packaging during the checkout process to make your gift extra special. We offer speedy delivery on teddy bears and if you need it next day then that’s no problem either!

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New Steiff Teddy Bears

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Hannes Teddy BearHannes Teddy Bear is new in at Teddy Bear Friends who are pleased to announce that they are now stocking all of Steiff’s new 2012 teddy bears.

These cuddly teddy bears are all fully jointed but so soft to touch and caress. It makes them perfect for kids of all ages. Steiff are the world’s original teddy bear manufacturer and always produce the best designs which now include these four new bears who will undoubtedly become big hits and spread much happines.

New for 2012, Little Hannes Teddy Bear is Hannes’ little brother. Both teddy bears have beige plush and are hand washable.

Teddy Bear Friends loves these new designs that also come in white - with Hanna Teddy Bear aimed at girls. Although Hannes is equally suitable as both a boys and girls teddy bear.

Hanna bear is 40cm tall and is soft to touch and easily squeezed so she’s great for little hands to cuddle.

Little Hanna Teddy Bear is Hanna’s little sister at 32cm tall and a super teddy bear gift for any special occasion and one that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Teddy Bear Friends offers the most magical array of kids money boxes

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It is the cherished, fictionally inspired holding vessel of choice, the piggy bank, the childhood Fort Knox. The money box holds not only monetary sums but a vast array of early memories. It is one of the first possessions a youngster receives, a rite of passage, an obligatory early year’s gift. It is the item most loved, most trusted and irreplaceable. Adored by both young and old, the money box remains resolute in function, always there to take on the stream of loose change, or in times of impulse, bear the brunt of necessary raids.

Teddy Bear Friends is a leading online supplier of money box related products of stunning aesthetic appeal – with a host of classic characters, including Winnie the Pooh, the coin box range is second to none. Piggy banks and money boxes from Teddy Bear Friends make beautiful baby gifts and birthday presents for boys and girls. With the gift of a money bank comes a degree of pride and responsibility in the young. It is among the first possessions to consciously take great care in, to honour, protect and develop. As well as being an entertaining, and physical reminder of some classic cartoon characters, the money box encapsulates essential juvenile life skills. Prompting behaviours of responsibility, pride and nurturing.

Teddy Bear Friends has a piggy bank style to suit all young tastes and affections. To help those in search of a little inspiration, those seeking something out of the ordinary, Teddy Bear Friends lists the company’s best sellers. Current favourites include the Pewter Money Box, Winnie the Pooh Money Box and the Large Musical Piggy Bank. This is the beauty of the site, perfect for those in search of the more traditional, piggy-shaped money box as well as those seeking cartoon and fictional silhouettes.

Money boxes serve a great variety of purposes, and with Teddy Bear Friends, the presentation of each will mark a special occasion. Whether gift-wrapped to mark a first birth, Christening or inaugural Christmas, the humble money box never fails to impress.

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Teddy bear gifts offer exciting opportunities

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

When it comes to finding a suitable gift for a loved one such as a baby of young child as well as an adult, one of the most popular forms of gifts have always been and continue to be teddy bear gifts. The reason for this is their endearing appeal which in many ways is timeless. With a stunning range of colours, styles and types of teddy bear available, finding new baby gifts is simplicity itself if using an online resource such as the UK’s leading website for teddy bear gifts,

Teddy bear gifts are an ideal type of gift as their allure spans all ages. Whether looking for new baby gifts or a gift for Valentines or a wedding, a teddy bear provides an engaging option. The website is the resource of choice for the discerning consumer who is looking for a teddy bear related gift, from renowned brands such as Steiff and Gund, and who offer outstanding quality products and an impressive selection.

The website is an impressive resource that offers an astounding selection of options all in one location. Daily special offers provide excellent value for money and with offers including a free gift box with every teddy bear order, it easy to see why the websites popularity has blossomed. The products are displayed with stunning imagery as well as descriptive informative content outlining the many facets, features and details of the product itself, as well as providing a secure online system for purchasing the relevant product. For anyone who has any particular questions, the company also provide a useful land line contact number, which enables the consumer the option of speaking to a company representative. Teddybearfriends also offers amongst its many services, the benefits of a next day delivery service to ensure speedy delivery as well as there being a gift packaging service available, to encapsulate your purchase in a stunning way.

Whatever your gift requirement may be, this impressive resource offers a selection to cater for all manner of requirements.

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Olympic Torch Relay Comes To Ormskirk

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Teddy Bear Friends of Ormskirk were pleased to take a few hours off work this morning - 1st June 2012 - to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass through Ormskirk Town on its way to Stratford and the London Olympics 2012.

We were lucky that the rain came yesterday, and although the sky was overcast, it was warm and completely dry as the Olympic Torch Relay continued on its journey around England and to other parts of the UK.

The crowds were out in force, lots of schoolkids, parents and just about everyone turned out to see this once in a lifetime event. Many of us will not get to see any sporting action live, so it was nice to show our support for the London Games in our small way. Who knows, it may be the spark that lights the flame in our children’s imagination and spur them to compete in future.

We had applied for tickets but didn’t think for one minute we’d get them - I’m a purist when it comes to The Olympics and really see it as an athletics event so was not interested in applying for tickets to see the myriad of sporting contests that are included in the Games.

For example, it’s no surprise that many of the football tickets have yet to be sold - real football fans, as I’d like to describe myself, are looking forward to the European Championships and see the Olympic Games football tournament as a mere sideshow. However, that’s not to denigrate those sports - pretty much all sports provide a way to stay healthy, build social awareness and togetherness, provide work and I’d say are a positive benefit to society.

We were lucky, that the route of the torch relay was planned to go round the ring road of Ormskirk, having arrived via Chorley, Croston and Burscough, and then travelling off towards Southport and then on through Merseyside to Liverpool at the end of the day.

This was good news, because as you can see from the pictures we hardly got to see the torch through the crowds as it first went past. However, a quick jog up the road meant that we got to see the flame again as it came full circle on its way out of the town - and a far better picture of the torch bearer (see picture at top of page).

My boys were pleased. What a great way to start the Diamond Jubilee weekend.