Teddy Bear Friends offers the most magical array of kids money boxes

It is the cherished, fictionally inspired holding vessel of choice, the piggy bank, the childhood Fort Knox. The money box holds not only monetary sums but a vast array of early memories. It is one of the first possessions a youngster receives, a rite of passage, an obligatory early year’s gift. It is the item most loved, most trusted and irreplaceable. Adored by both young and old, the money box remains resolute in function, always there to take on the stream of loose change, or in times of impulse, bear the brunt of necessary raids.

Teddy Bear Friends is a leading online supplier of money box related products of stunning aesthetic appeal – with a host of classic characters, including Winnie the Pooh, the coin box range is second to none. Piggy banks and money boxes from Teddy Bear Friends make beautiful baby gifts and birthday presents for boys and girls. With the gift of a money bank comes a degree of pride and responsibility in the young. It is among the first possessions to consciously take great care in, to honour, protect and develop. As well as being an entertaining, and physical reminder of some classic cartoon characters, the money box encapsulates essential juvenile life skills. Prompting behaviours of responsibility, pride and nurturing.

Teddy Bear Friends has a piggy bank style to suit all young tastes and affections. To help those in search of a little inspiration, those seeking something out of the ordinary, Teddy Bear Friends lists the company’s best sellers. Current favourites include the Pewter Money Box, Winnie the Pooh Money Box and the Large Musical Piggy Bank. This is the beauty of the site, perfect for those in search of the more traditional, piggy-shaped money box as well as those seeking cartoon and fictional silhouettes.

Money boxes serve a great variety of purposes, and with Teddy Bear Friends, the presentation of each will mark a special occasion. Whether gift-wrapped to mark a first birth, Christening or inaugural Christmas, the humble money box never fails to impress.

So, if in search of something of real occasion, of real sensibility, be sure to visit www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/piggy-banks-money-boxes.php.

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