Get Well Teddy Bears

It’s always horrible when you or someone you love breaks their arm. It’s at times like these when we need a little love and attention. And what better way to show you care than sending a get well teddy bear who’s also broken his arm.

Teddy Bear Friends has a beautiful range of Get Well Bears and there’s sure to be one that is just right for your needs. We’ve got small ones, big ones, expensive ones and cheap ones - all suitably attired for the job of nursing someone back to good health.

There’s bears with broken legs, broken arms and others with messages to send to someone who may be down in the dumps, perhaps with a broken heart. And there’s also a Toy Cheetah in case anyone you know has got chicken pox or some other spotty illness!

This teddy bear has a sore head and wears a ribbon with a GET WELL SOON message. He’s great for a variety of problems and his bandages are adjustable so a child can play at hospital patients with him.

We also have some great heated bears and hot water bottles that are always welcomed to keep away aches and pains.

We guarantee 100% top quality brands are only selected for sale at Teddy Bear Friends so you’ll know that you will be getting a quality product but at a low price.

Send it gift packaged and add a card

All teddy bear orders come in a free gift box with a free gift tag that you can send a personal message on. But you might like to add a special touch by sending your gift in a lovely laminated bag with tissue - we have a variety of colours to choose from and it’s only a few pounds extra. Simply order during checkout.

We’ve also got a great selection of chocolates and gift cards if you really want to push the boat out - or if this person is very special to you and you want to show it.

Next Day Delivery

All our Get Well Bears can be sent on our express next day delivery service — fully tracked and delivered next day for just a few pounds extra.

This is especially useful when you’re sending a gift to a hospital address and need to make sure it arrives fast in order that the patient will receive it in good time.

Order your gift online and it’s guaranteed to arrive the next working day. We even deliver on Saturday to residential addresses in the UK at no extra charge!

Our next day delivery deadline is 5.00pm on Monday to Thursday and 3pm on Friday which gives you plenty of time to select your order - especially handy when you’re clubbing together with work colleagues and want to make sure you’re selecting the right gift.

If you know of someone who has had a bit of an accident or is feeling unwell come to Teddy Bear Friends for a gift that shows you care.


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