Teddy Bear Friends offer the cutest and cuddliest range of small teddy bears

Few things conjure up feelings of content, ecstatic joy and simplistic pleasure as much as the humble teddy bear. Buying small teddy bears to send to a loved one, a newborn, a wife or whoever else is more than an act of endearment, it is an occasion, something to behold, a gift to cherish indefinitely. Childhood memories are based around centre-piece occasions, items, days, events. And many owe their fondest memories to the steadfast lure of the teddy bear. Though the largest bears boast greater snuggling potential, small teddy bears last the ups and downs of juvenile life, can be more easily swung about and tend to remain cherished for a greater number of years. When looking for a suitable teddy bear, Teddy Bear Friends is the internet’s leading source of all things soft, bear-like and adorable.

Teddy Bear Friends houses the greatest, most sought after array of teddy bears to be found online. It is a company which strives for perfection, one which continually adds to its bear portfolio. As well as appealing to younger generations, small teddies act as the perfect means of expressing love and compassion – presented as a gift to those most cherished. With Teddy Bear Friends the price range of small teddy bears is as varied as the bears themselves. From the more traditional and sought after, Steiff, to a host of other less conventional bears.

Some of the small teddy bears on show take on more of a unisex agenda, perfect for boy or girl. Take ‘Emil by Steiff’ for example – this little bear represents the stereotypical, fluffy brown teddy bear. Steiff, the world’s most acclaimed teddy bear manufacturer never fails to impress, and Emil is no exception to the rule. Finished to a high degree of detail, this bear would be perfect for any lucky recipient.

From the traditional to the extrovert, ‘Florence Blue Paisley Bear’ symbolises more than just a bear. It’s unusual, paisley pattern and black and white finish make for a delightful alternative to the mainstream. ‘Florence by Gund’ is unique both in the designer stakes as well as the monetary, boasting a truly unique style without the price tag which might be expected. These two are mere examples of the overall vast range available to buy online within Teddy Bear Friends.

So, if in search of the most exquisite small teddy bears to buy online, be sure to visit www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/small-teddy-bears.php.

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