Paddington Bear - A timeless classic

Of all the childrens characters that have been immortalised in teddy bear form, one of the most popular is Paddington bear. He originally appeared in 1958 and was created by Michael Bond. Paddington Bear has a liking for marmalade sandwiches and cocoa and lives with the Browns and is renowned for his attire which includes a blue duffle coat and a red hat. When it comes to soft toys, Paddington bear is an extremely adorable and lovable teddy bear that is an ideal gift for any occasion. One of the leading online resources offering a stunning selection of Paddington Bear teddy bears is the renowned resource, is an impressive online resource which is dedicated to all things related to teddy bears. Its pages are full of a sumptuous assortment of alternative options catering for all manner of circumstances and requirements. The site also offers an impressive range of Paddington Bear soft toys all of which are displayed in vibrant imagery as well as comprehensive detail. In addition the site offers the means to identify which products are available and in stock, whilst a useful landline number provides the means to contact the company and ask any particular questions to a suitably qualified company representative.

The site offers such delights as the Giant Paddington Bear which is 100cm in size and which delivers great big hugs. The bear is adorned with an address label which says “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” An alternative option for those who would prefer a different type of Paddington Bear gift is the Paddington Bear Tea set by Reutter Porcelain which is presented within an impressive gift box and which includes a 17 cm diameter plate as well as a bowl and a mug. This tea set makes an ideal gift for numerous occasions.

When we as individuals need to find a suitable gift for whatever occasion, it is generally agreed that sticking to the timeless classics ensures a successful outcome. In terms of teddy bears, none are considered more adorable and traditional than Paddington bear.

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