Christmas Snow Globes Make Great Xmas Gifts

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Jemima Puddle-duck Snowglobe

Jemima Is Dressed Up…

Jemima Puddle-duck features in this beautiful glitter filled snowglobe. A wonderful nursery gift for baby.

“We bought the Jemima Puddleduck Snow Globe as a Christening gift for a friend’s daughter and were absolutely delighted with it when it arrived. It was well made, beautifully finished and was extremely well packaged, arriving in perfect condition. Our friend was really pleased with it – it will be something her daughter can treasure for years to come.”

Winnie the Pooh Snow Globe

Play Pooh Sticks…

A charming gift for a new baby, turn the waterglobe upside down and the pals from 100 Aker Wood become immersed in a cloud of colourful glitter.

This stunning snow globe depicts a scene where Winnie the Pooh, piglet and rabbit are playing pooh sticks while Eeyore has fallen into the stream. A beautiful Winnie the Pooh snow globe for a child. Available to buy at Teddy Bear Friends.

Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Mrs Tiggy Winkle…

This beautiful waterball made by Border Fine Arts features Mrs Tiggy Winkle from Beatrix Potter’s lakeland tales.

Border Fine Arts design some of the most delightful nursery gifts sold in the UK and their range of Beatrix Potter Classics have proved to be some of their most popular.

Peter Rabbit Snow Globe

Peter Rabbit Snow Globe…

Border Fine Arts have made the most delightful nursery ornaments using the original drawings of Beatrix Potter as a template for their designs.

Teddy Bear Friends love these Border Fine Arts snow globes – quality designs that make the most delightful nursery ornaments to be found on the high street.

Pooh Bear and Ducklings Waterball

Pooh Bear And Ducklings…

A beautiful gift for Pooh fans, Winnie the Pooh and his yellow duckling friends become immersed in the colourful glitter.

Writen round the base of the waterball is it’s a wet thing water. A beautiful glitter filled snow globe for baby.

Santa Claus Snow Globe

Santa Claus Snow Globe…

Here comes Santa Claus… He’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice… A delightful gift that plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

This Christmas musical snowglobe is a great addition to your christmas gift list and is sure to thrill the family during the season of goodwill. A delightful gift that plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Santa Claus is coming tonight and he has a bag filled with toys for girls and for boys. The train loaded with gifts circles Father Christmas while the festive tune plays.

Dove Waterglobe

Dove Waterglobe…

This beautiful dove is a gift of peace and is equally suitable to give as a Christmas present or christening gift.

Wind up the revolving musical waterglobe from Gund to play Ave Maria. The porcelain gift is beautifully detailed with angel figures and decorated with 14K gold accents and comes gift boxed. When the snowglobe is shaken a multitude of coloured specks fill the water.

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