New Clemens Teddy Bears

New Clemens Teddy Bears

Come To Teddy Bear Friends for New Clemens Bears…

Teddy Bear LorenzTeddy Bear Lorenz
NEW FOR 2013 – New for 2013, Clemens Plush Bears have been brought out to satisfy the demand for their quality designs but at a more reasonable price. They’re perfect teddy bears for kids as they are so soft to touch and reasonably light given their size – great for cuddling from small hands. Buy the new Clemens Teddy Bears at Teddy Bear Friends.

Teddy Bear FriedelTeddy Bear Friedel
Teddy Bear Friedel from Clemens of Germany is fully jointed and is great for children and grown-up teddy bear fans as well!

Kaspar Teddy BearKaspar Teddy Bear
This lovely plush Clemens teddy bear will last a lifetime and provide many happy memories – he’s a great gift for when you want to say I Love You at any special time.

Teddy Bear HaukeTeddy Bear Hauke
Large Teddy Bear Hauke is soft to touch with light brown felt paw pads and black stitching for his nose and claws. This quality made Clemens plush teddy bear will provide many years of companionship and is a great gift for all special occasions.

Teddy Bear EmilTeddy Bear Emil
Buy a Clemens teddy bear to give many years of friendship – Emil Teddy Bear has medium-length toffee coloured plush with tan paw pads and a black stitched nose.

Teddy Bear OtwinTeddy Bear Otwin
New for 2013, this beautiful auburn brown teddy bear wears a necklace with beads round his neck and is fully jointed and great value at Teddy Bear Friends.

Teddy Bear KalleTeddy Bear Kalle
This gorgeous brown teddy bear is fully jointed and has a dark 2 tone plush with lighter coloured snout. Kalle Teddy Bear wears a striped cream ribbon tied in a bow round his neck that perfectly complements his fabulous soft coat.

Conrad Teddy BearConrad Teddy Bear
Part of their new plush range for 2013, this beautiful brown teddy bear wears a necklace with beads round his neck that complements his dark plush.

New Collectible Clemens Teddy Bears…

Teddy Bear BournTeddy Bear Bourn
NEW FOR 2013 – Teddy Bourn is a very special little bear made by Clemens Spieltiere – a gorgeously sweet baby teddy bear who will provide a lifetime of pleasure for all collectible teddy bear lovers. Buy the new Collectible Clemens Teddy Bears at Teddy Bear Friends.

My First Teddy BearMy First Teddy Bear
My First Teddy Bear is an adorable collectors bear made by Clemens Spieltiere – a real cute Isabella Hoffmann teddy bear with trademark big feet. New for 2013 and limited to 399 pieces, My First Teddy Bear is a collectors teddy bear that you will want to showcase in your collection. He comes in a cloth bag with Clemens logo.

Teddy AelfricTeddy Aelfric
Teddy Bear Friends loves Clemens collectible teddy bears. They are simply top quality both in design and build. If you’re looking to give a very special bear as a keepsake then you must consider Teddy Aelfric, a sublime Original Clemens Bear.

Teddy LudoTeddy Ludo
For more than 60 years, Clemens Spieltiere – of Kirchardt in Germany – has been making high quality fully jointed teddy bears. Teddy Ludo is an extra special teddy bear designed and made by Clemens Spieltiere of Germany – a classic teddy who will provide a lifetime of pleasure for all teddy bear lovers.

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