New Get Well Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear With Sore HeadDo you have a friend who is sick? Are you thinking about sending that person a gift to make him or her feel better?

At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of teddy bears, all looking fantastic. Whether we are talking about children or adults in the prime of their life, teddy bears make everyone feel better.

Large Philbin Bear from Gund has broken his arm and he’s had it wrapped with a bandage and sling so that friends and family will know how poorly he is feeling. Teddy Bear With Broken ArmTeddy Bear With Broken Arm is sure to cheer up any hospital patient not feeling well and make them happy once again.

Teddy Bear With Broken Leg wears a ribbon tied in a bow round his neck that is printed with GET WELL SOON. The default ribbon shown is white with green text, but we also have green ribbon with silver text. Teddy Bear With Broken LegTeddy Bear With Broken Leg is a lovely gift idea for when you need to say get well soon.

Teddy Bear Friends stock a brilliant range of quality made get well soon teddy bears that will be loved by kids and more mature teddy bear fans too. There’s one to suit all tastes and pockets.

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