Teddy Hermann for best design and long-time friendship

Classic BearBeing spoilt for choice in teddy bears, dogs and all sorts of beautiful animals, that’s what Teddy-Hermann offers with its vast array of delightful soft toys. A huge number of which are stocked in the UK by Teddy Bear Friends.

Variety, convincing quality and the very best design for a long-time friendship is what Teddy-Hermann, Hirschaid have guaranteed for over 100 years and they’re still producing great products year after year.

King Charles SpanielOne of the most popular are the many varieties of dogs including Bernese Mountain Puppy, Cocker Spaniel, West Highland Terrier, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, New Foundland and so many more. All beautifully designed and stitched so that product issues are few and far between, and all in the hope of making someone very happy.

Their high quality workmanship and the know-how of generations shine through all of Teddy-Hermann teddy bears and soft toys. The classics as they are known and appreciated by generations are the teddy bears par excellence. Production design elements like a variety of mohair, silk and alpaca fabrics or other high-quality materials in exquisite shades create individual bear styles.

For a brilliant selection of Teddy Hermann teddy bears come to Teddy Bear Friends.

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