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Who is this Joe the plumber?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Who is this Joe the plumber? Just been watching the 365th day of coverage of the US election - and I reckon it’s sending me crazy.

Reminds me a little of the Don’t Tell Sid adverts the Tories ran when they sold off the gas in the 80s. That seemed to work as people love the common touch. Either that or they knew they were getting a bargain and bought into it just to make a quick buck.

So will people buy in to Joe the plumber? Maybe we should get a teddy bear called Joe the Plumber - could be a big seller if John McCain gets to be president.

Only problem for us is that we don’t deliver to the US and I’m not sure people in the UK could care less who this average Joe is. By the way, we have our very own average Joe - he’s called Joe Bloggs.

This blogging is all new to me

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I put it off and put it off but finally I have admitted myself to the new world of blogging.

Talk about getting set in your ways. I’ve been online since 1996 - way back when the first Mosaic browser came out and downloading via ftp and stuff over JANET. But then I got comfy with the easy browsing and bored with learning another half dozen programs a month and said “right, that’s enough for me.”

I’ve been meaning to have a go, but didn’t know what to write, didn’t think I had anything to say. Well fancy that, seems just like every one else was in the same boat.

But now I have a purpose - to inform the world about teddy bears and teddy bear stuff. It’s a bit of publicity for our company, Teddy Bear Friends, but I’m hoping it might become something that can be useful and used by others so I’m welcoming anyone and everyone to take part and see what we can cobble together.

So here goes, and if I start spouting rubbish please tell me.