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Fathers Day Teddy Bears

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Send a Father’s Day teddy bear or gift to dad that he will really appreciate.

Teddy Bear Friends have brought together our best teddy bears and gifts that will appeal to dads on Fathers Day.

Teddy BearsTeddy Bears

Every dad should have had a teddy bear when he was a boy but some may have missed out while once treasured and cherished bears may need replacing.

Teddy Bear Friends has a massive range of quality teddy bears that will suit every taste and every pocket. See them for yourself.

Sesame StreetSesame Street

A favourite for most dads, Sesame Street was around when your father was a young lad himself, and he’s sure to appreciate these cute soft toy characters and puppets.

Hospital Patient BearTeddy Bear Puppies And Dogs

A man’s best friend is his dog and at Teddy Bear Friends we’ve got plenty of canines to suit all tastes. Click here for our full range of teddy bear puppies and dogs.

Only the best quality teddy bears and teddy bear gifts at Teddy Bear Friends