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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Teddy bears in all shapes and sizes are still amongst the most treasured gifts that are given, for all manner of occasions whether as a birthday gift, Christmas or weddings. The allure of teddy bears, especially for girls, in all their forms remains consistent, which is down to the simply affection that a teddy bear gift provides to the lucky recipient. When it comes to finding a suitable teddybear related gift few online resources are able to provide such a comprehensive array of options as the website

Teddybears are now available in a wide assortment of alternative options which include all manner of styles, colours shapes and sizes. This includes character teddy bears such as famous cuddly characters from childrens programmes through to traditional styles from well known and respected names such as Steiff and Gund. Some of the most popular styles of teddy bear are the pink teddy bear styles, which makes an ideal girls teddy bear, although the traditional style is always popular. All of these and more can be found by utilising the renowned online resource,

The website is an impressive resource that provides a simple means to locate, review and purchase a wide and stunning selection of teddy bears and related products. The website itself is simple to navigate and offers impressive imagery on all the products as well as a raft of useful content including specific detail regarding the current stock availability of the relevant product. Online ordering is available with secure online payment processing providing peace of mind for all those who purchase. The websites growing number of visitors are treated to a glittering menagerie of offers and deals on a regular basis providing superb savings and offering excellent value for money.

Whether looking for a teddy bear for a girl or a teddy bear related product for a special occasion, a visit to, will offer a comprehensive range that will undoubtedly satisfy all requirements and desires at an impressive price.

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Settler Bears are here

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

These beautiful Settler Bears have come all the way from Australia and are waiting for new homes. These gorgeous dressed teddy bears for girls will be loved and cherished for many years to come.

However, they’re only available for a limited time - don’t delay if you like them as we only have a few in stock and when they’re gone we cannot get anymore.

Settler Bears Buderim Collection


Settler Bears Robinvale Collection


Settler Bears Figtree Collection


Teddy Bear Friends offer the cutest and cuddliest range of small teddy bears

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Few things conjure up feelings of content, ecstatic joy and simplistic pleasure as much as the humble teddy bear. Buying small teddy bears to send to a loved one, a newborn, a wife or whoever else is more than an act of endearment, it is an occasion, something to behold, a gift to cherish indefinitely. Childhood memories are based around centre-piece occasions, items, days, events. And many owe their fondest memories to the steadfast lure of the teddy bear. Though the largest bears boast greater snuggling potential, small teddy bears last the ups and downs of juvenile life, can be more easily swung about and tend to remain cherished for a greater number of years. When looking for a suitable teddy bear, Teddy Bear Friends is the internet’s leading source of all things soft, bear-like and adorable.

Teddy Bear Friends houses the greatest, most sought after array of teddy bears to be found online. It is a company which strives for perfection, one which continually adds to its bear portfolio. As well as appealing to younger generations, small teddies act as the perfect means of expressing love and compassion – presented as a gift to those most cherished. With Teddy Bear Friends the price range of small teddy bears is as varied as the bears themselves. From the more traditional and sought after, Steiff, to a host of other less conventional bears.

Some of the small teddy bears on show take on more of a unisex agenda, perfect for boy or girl. Take ‘Emil by Steiff’ for example – this little bear represents the stereotypical, fluffy brown teddy bear. Steiff, the world’s most acclaimed teddy bear manufacturer never fails to impress, and Emil is no exception to the rule. Finished to a high degree of detail, this bear would be perfect for any lucky recipient.

From the traditional to the extrovert, ‘Florence Blue Paisley Bear’ symbolises more than just a bear. It’s unusual, paisley pattern and black and white finish make for a delightful alternative to the mainstream. ‘Florence by Gund’ is unique both in the designer stakes as well as the monetary, boasting a truly unique style without the price tag which might be expected. These two are mere examples of the overall vast range available to buy online within Teddy Bear Friends.

So, if in search of the most exquisite small teddy bears to buy online, be sure to visit

Teddybearfriends offers a huge range of quality soft toy dogs and puppies

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Of all the potential pets that a family can have, a puppy is probably one of the most endearing. A puppy is a cute and adorable addition to any family. This may well explain the reason why when it comes to soft toys, that puppies are one of the most popular forms of childrens soft toys. is the leading online resource dedicated to offering a stunning range of soft toy dogs that has become the website of choice for many.

Soft toys are an ideal gift for all age groups, and for children they are treasured and loved for many years. Teddy bears, soft toy dogs as well as teddy bear puppies are some of the most popular forms of cuddly toys that can be found through

The website is an increasingly popular online resource that offers an impressive array of childrens toy dogs to cater for all occasions. This includes such delights as the Valentines singing puppy which is a spotty Dalmatian dog that sings the song “Do you love me” from the film “dirty dancing”, The Jumbo my 1st puppy from Baby Gund that is pink and is an ideal gift for a newborn baby girl, through to the toy hound dog from Teddy Hermann which is an adorable soft toy hound dog which simply oozes appeal in every way.

All of these and more can be found through the website, Its extensive range of childrens toy puppies offers something for everyone. The resource itself offers a simple means of accessing a wide and diverse array of options all in one handy location. Each of the respective products is displayed with comprehensive information which details the product in every way. The details include the sizes, a description as well as stock availability and corresponding price.

For anyone looking for a suitable to gift for a child, the option of a cuddly soft toy dog or puppy is an ideal option. By utilising the services of the renowned online resource, the individual is assured of quality of product as well as excellent levels of customer service.

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Sesame Street toys - great for little kids and big kids too!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Sesame Street is an iconic childrens program which features a whole host of engaging and diverse characters that have entertained children for many years including those who have since grown up to be adults but still retain fond memories of the childrens TV show. The popularity of the program itself has spawned a whole plethora of soft toys based on the lovable characters that continue to be firm favourites with children the world over.

Sesame Street characters such as Elmo, the cookie monster and big bird have enriched the lives of many and also educated our children through effective visual imagery. Their appeal has transfixed many children, and when it comes to reviewing available soft toy character options and to purchase, it pays to utilise an online resource that provides a comprehensive range at cost effective prices all within one useful website. One such website is is the UK’s leading website which offers, as its name implies, teddy bears and soft toys incorporating all manner of characters from numerous genres. Sesame street soft toys are justifiably popular due their endearing and affectionate nature, and this website offers a stunning array of options to cater for all manner of requirements. From Big Bird by Gund, The Cookie Monster through to Elmo, one of the most popular characters, there is a whole range to choose from within this resource.

Selecting and reviewing the available options is simplicity itself, as the resource provides comprehensive informative content regarding the product as well as details such as the materials utilised in its manufacture and relevant stock levels. A useful landline telephone number offers an alternative option to ordering online or simply as a means of gaining a response to any particular questions.

For anyone who is looking for the ideal gift for a child, whether as a birthday gift or to celebrate a birth or christening, few gifts have the same appeal as a soft cuddly Sesame Street character which will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come by young and old alike.

For further information on Sesame Street toys visit

Baby pull along toys bring a smile to any child

Friday, August 10th, 2012

There is no doubt that baby pull toys are amongst the most popular toys that a child owns. They have a multitude of benefits which include the obvious facet of being a toy whilst they are also useful in helping development and learning. The question is inherently which supplier is able to provide a selection and can guarantee quality and superb levels of customer service.

The website is one of the leading providers of baby pull toys that offers an extensive range of pull along toys for baby boys and girls that includes a wide and diverse selection of options to cater for all desires and requirements. An example of one of the most popular toddler pull toys is the Polar Bear Pull Toy from Steiff, which makes an ideal gift and which inherently can continue to be an impressive ornament for the nursery. An alternative option is the pull along elephant, which features a grey elephant with a red pull along ribbon for the child to hold onto and pull. The elephant itself is baby safe by virtue of having safe stitched eyes, whilst also providing the means of unfastening and attaching the red wheels which are on the elephants feet and which are stuck on with velcro. All of these options and more can be found within the pages of this popular online shop.

The website not only features pull along style toys but it is also a comprehensive repository of teddy bears, as its name and renown imply. Each of the relevant items is displayed with stunning imagery and information relating to the product, specification as well as current stock availability. In addition for those who may have any particular questions, the resource provides a landline contact telephone number, which enables the individual to contact the company and speak to a relevant representative.

As a long lasting and endearing gift, few gifts have the appeal of a pull along style of toy, and with the extensive collection of options available through, it is easy to see why this particular website has become a firm favourite with consumers all over the UK and beyond.

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Teddybearfriends offers a stunning range of jointed teddy bears

Friday, July 27th, 2012

There is no doubt that teddy bears are extremely popular with almost every child and adult alike. Their enduring presence can be felt in many households, with teddy bears given as gifts for a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays, weddings and births. Of all the teddy bears available the most prestigious and popular are jointed teddy bears, whose arms and legs move, allowing them to be moved into numerous positions to satisfy the desires of the owner. One of the leading online resources available that offers an impressive array of jointed bear alternatives is the website

Jointed teddy bears are a popular form of teddy bears. When it comes to making teddy bears, a jointed bear differs from standard teddy bears that usually have fixed appendages such as arms and legs in that their relevant limbs can be moved into different positions, dependant upon the requirement of the owner. This endears them to individuals due to the bespoke nature of a jointed bear. The website is one of the leading suppliers of teddy bears that offer a stunning selection of jointed bears.

The website has a plethora of options on offer such as the jointed panda bear from Steiff which encapsulates the true nature of a teddy bear in terms of its cute and gorgeous aesthetic appeal. The panda has realistic colouring which features jet black and ivory plush and its limbs can be moved into various positions to suit. In addition this particular panda does not contain beans and is surface washable. An alternative option is Dempsey by Gund which is a fully jointed teddy bear which features a soft ivory white plush and brown stitched nose as well as two tone beads as eyes, to give it an adorable appeal.

All of these and more can be found through the website,, which has become one of the leading providers of teddy bears in the UK. Its pages are replete with a stunning selection that caters for all requirements and budgets.

To find a stunning Steiff teddy or for further information on the comprehensive range of teddy bears visit

Birthday bears are an ideal gift

Friday, July 20th, 2012

When it comes to celebrations, birthdays are one of the most treasured events, purely for the element that it is a personal celebration. Children and most adults alike adore birthdays and look forward to receiving their fair share of gifts. One of the most popular forms of gifts are teddy bears due to the fact that they provide an endearing and lovable gift which has stood the test of time. Birthday teddy bears from Teddybearfriends are a popular choice and are simply stunning in terms of aesthetic appeal with a variety of options to choose from, catering for all eventualities. Their online resource which can be found at, provides the consumer with a simple means to view the available options with ease.

The website provides an extensive array of teddy bear related products and has become a firm favourite with consumers looking for stunning gifts with a touch of class. Products include such delights as a birthday coin box which is by Royal Selangor and is an ideal money box that has a touch of class. In terms of birthday bears, there is a selection of birthday teddy bears on offer such as the happy birthday teddy bear which is a beautiful bear that has the inscription of happy birthday on its sweater.

All of these and more can be reviewed and purchased through the company’s website which displays all of the relevant items with comprehensive descriptions and imagery outlining the relevant features and specifications of each of the products. A useful landline contact number is also provided which can be utilised by anyone who may have any particular questions prior to or after purchase. The website also comes with a handy basket facility which is allied with a safe and secure online payment processing system.

If looking for a beautiful happy birthday bear as a gift for a loved one, by making use of the website, the individual is assured of the best quality from well known and respected brand names and a customer service level which is second to none.

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Find a gorgeous first teddy bear through Teddybearfriends

Friday, July 13th, 2012

A teddy bear is a treasured possession in many ways, however when purchased as a first teddy bear for a baby, it often takes on a whole new dimension. As the child grows, the teddy bear is often the one element of childhood that is retained, due to the endearing nature of teddy bears in general. However finding a suitable teddy bear to give as a gift to a baby can be somewhat difficult, which is why many choose to utilise the popular website,

There is a wide selection of options to choose from when looking for a 1st teddy bear for a baby. Whether looking at well-known brand such as the baby Gund, jumbo first teddy bear which is a baby boy blue style teddy bear or the extra large my first teddy, which is a stunning large pink teddy bear which makes an ideal gift for a baby girl. All of these and more can be found through, which has grown to become one of the most utilised and respected resources for teddy bear products on the Internet.

The website provides a stunning array of alternative options catering for every eventuality. With well-known brand such as Jelly cat, Steiff and Gund, to name but a few, the quality of the products on offer are unquestionable. Finding the relevant teddy bear is simplicity itself with the option of accessing either specific sections relating to differing types of teddy bears for every occasion or alternatively utilising the search facility within the website. In addition a useful landline contact number is provided which is offered to provide those who prefer to speak to a company representative to ask any relevant questions or to order.

Irrespective of which teddy bear is chosen, there is no doubt that one of the most popular gifts provided for a baby is a teddy bear. With the sumptuous collection of options available through, there is sufficient choice catering for all manner of requirements as well as budgets.

For further information on available my 1st teddy options visit

Graduation teddy bears prove popular

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

A daughters graduation is a time which is celebrated for the achievements of an individual. As is customary, a gift is often given to congratulate the relevant student who has achieved her qualification. With this in mind, graduation teddy bears are an increasingly popular choice as they offer a wide variety of benefits

Teddy bears are a unique form of gift, offering a timeless appeal that engenders it to the individual in ways that no other form of gift is able to do. It is for this very reason that teddy bears are utilised as gifts in a wide variety of circumstances, with graduation being one of the most popular along with weddings and birthdays. Graduation bears come in a variety of options catering for students or teachers as well as differing grades of schooling whether university or college. All of the available options can be found through the graduation teddy bears page on the website The options include the student teddy bear from Gund which is the ideal gift for the student who is about to graduate. The bear features a black academic gown and a square academic cap with an appropriate gold tassel centre placed.

Teddybearfriends is one of the most popular online resources for those looking for graduation bears. Within its numerous pages the online resource provides a stunning selection of alternative options to choose from. The website offers a simple means of accessing a wide array of options catering for a diverse range of circumstances which includes graduate teddy bear alternatives as well as collectible teddy bears and character teddy bears, which are ideal for children and make unrivalled gifts for a birthday or christening. The website also features regular sales ensuring outstanding value for money, whilst ordering is simplicity itself with an effective online shopping cart providing simple means of collating all purchases into one online basket. A contact land line telephone number is provided as well which enables the consumer to contact the company to ask any relevant questions to a company representative.

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