New Get Well Teddy Bears to buy online

New Get Well Teddy Bears to buy online Ouch! That hurts… Do you have a friend who is sick? Are you looking for a cuddly teddy bear to send as a gift to make them feel better? At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of teddy bears, all looking fantastic. Whether we… Continue reading New Get Well Teddy Bears to buy online

Get Well Teddy Bears

It’s always horrible when you or someone you love breaks their arm. It’s at times like these when we need a little love and attention. And what better way to show you care than sending a get well teddy bear who’s also broken his arm. Teddy Bear Friends has a beautiful range of Get Well… Continue reading Get Well Teddy Bears

Patient Bear

Hospital Patient Bear Hospital Patient Bear is now back in stock. This top-selling get well bear from Sunkid has hurt himself in an accident and still has the stitches and bandages to show for it. This teddy bear is a great get well gift for a patient in hospital and is sure to put a… Continue reading Patient Bear

Get Well Bears

New to our range of Get Well Bears is this cute talking bear. Get Well Soon Bear Get Well Soon Bear will send someone who isn’t feeling well a series of cute get well messages to provide the perfect tonic. If you know someone who is experiencing an extended stay in hospital you’ll know how… Continue reading Get Well Bears