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New teddy bears by Steiff and Gund

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

New teddy bears by Gund

More new teddy bears and quality soft toys just in…

Zag Teddy BearZag Teddy Bear

New for 2014, Zag is a cool little striped teddy bear with a warm smile and a lovely cute expression.

Reid BearReid Bear

Reid Bear by Gund is a beautiful jointed teddy bear with a big smile who will catch your eye and steal your heart.

Extra Large Maxie BearExtra Large Maxie Bear

Gund Extra Large Maxie is a lovely, tan-coloured plush teddy bear and makes a beary nice gift for a loved one - he offers maximum huggability.

Wagner BearWagner Bear

Wagner Bear has all over two tone grey plush with dark grey suedette paw pads - he’s simply perfect for so many special occasions.

Calvin BearCalvin Bear

This sweet bear has gorgeously shimmering stone coloured, thick short-length plush with beige suedette paw pads and a dark brown stiched nose.

Crusher Dinosaur ToyCrusher Dinosaur Toy

This brightly coloured dinosaur toy is perfect for children to play with. He has bright green coloured plush with a lime green belly and grey claws.

Rexie Dinosaur ToyRexie Dinosaur Toy

Teddy Bear Friends loves this soft T Rex - he’s a real cuddle monster!

New Steiff soft toys

Joggi HedgehogJoggi Hedgehog

This sweet little hedgehog is a delightful British woodland animal who will make a great gift for someone who loves animals.

Very Little Koko ChimpVery Little Koko Chimp

This toy chimpanzee is 20cm tall and has lovely soft dark plush and chunky little beige paws and round black beads for eyes.

Wittie OwlWittie Owl

Little Wittie Owl Toy is a super fluffy creature with white plush and beige and grey highlights. He has a sweet looking face and hopes you’ll be taking him home today.

Come to Teddy Bear Friends for quality new teddy bears and soft toys.

New Sesame Street Puppets

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Teddy Bear Friends is pleased to announce that they are now stocking the new Sesame Street Puppets from Gund.

New for 2012, Sesame Street Cookie Monster Puppet is a great gift for both boys and girls. Use them to create your own puppet shows or just for general fun play.

The new design now includes the full body shape of the Sesame Street characters - who come originally from the world-famous US childrens television show. Sesame Street Elmo Puppet is always one of the favourites and he’s sure to please little people. The full body puppets are different to the previous range of hand puppets, as they now include legs that dangle down in front of the child’s hand.

Sesame Street is as popular as it’s ever been, and the new puppet range will continue this trend. Sesame Street Big Bird Puppet welcomes you to Sesame Street - a world of children’s learning and fun.

Sesame Street Grover Full Puppet is a groovy hand puppet with mouth open wide to shout out Hello! and arms open wide to cuddle you. This bright blue soft toy has big flat eyes and dangling arms with chunky blue paws.

Come to Teddy Bear Friends for quality soft toys and teddy bears. Check out our full range of Sesame Street soft toys here.

Plush baby Gund teddys are a joy to behold

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Little teddy bears are undeniably adorable, as cute as the little ones themselves. Teddy’s are the first thing mum and dad, granny and grandpa rush out to buy, after all, what could possibly be more fitting? They are cute, cuddly, soft, adorable, innocent, untainted, fresh, and loving – all those terms one associates with affection. As such, they are bought for those who loved ones hold in highest acclaim – fellow loved ones, especially babies and young children. Youngsters love their baby bear as much as the elders adore handing them over. Bears for baby boys and girls are cherished the moment eyes cross, the beginning of a lifetime of love. And it is because of this level of rapport that such time, and, occasionally – expense, is invested in picking a baby bear which will stand the test of time.

Teddys come in such an amazing variety of colours and shapes, from those mimicking the most recognisable of animal shapes, such as giraffes, bunnies, puppies and lambs to those less worldly, but equally as endearing. The fact is, if purchased through a traditional and reliable firm, baby bear choice becomes less importance, as the quality speaks for itself.

The baby Gund range has got to be amongst the most championed and recognised the world over. Having started as an idea of a German immigrant starting a new life in the U.S from its base in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1898, the Gund brand has become synonymous with excellence. Not only is Gund the oldest soft toys manufacturer in the U.S, it is also the most successful. Gund’s claim to fame lies in the creativity and quality of their baby bear ranges, often described as lovable and huggable, perfect for kids of all ages.

Plush bears by Gund are perfect for every occasion, be it birth, Christening or birthdays – every bear combines a certain richness of tradition with an excitement of innovation. As well as providing children with a best friend, Gund teddy bears function also as collectables for the discerning; such is the notoriety of the brand. In terms of prices and product range, the best can be found online. Understandably, prices vary from item to item; however, in shopping with, consumers stand the very best chance of grabbing a bargain.

Big Philbin is back

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Big PhilbinGund’s Big Philbin is now back in stock.

Get him at Teddy Bear Friends while you can.

Gund Baby My First Teddy

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

New Gund Baby My First Teddy range is available in blue and pink.

Baby Gund My 1st BearBaby Gund My 1st Bear is baby-safe with stitched eyes and is embroidered with My First Teddy.

Baby’s Extra Large My 1st Teddy bear wears a sheer pink ribbon and does not contain beans.

Baby Gund First Blue Teddy BearBaby Gund First Blue Teddy Bear is a special first gift for a newborn baby boy.

This large blue teddy bear is from the new My First Teddy range from Baby Gund and is also available in pink.

Gund Baby Loveable HugsGund Baby Loveable Hugs holds a rolled up baby comfort blanket in her paws.

The close plush comfort blanket has a smooth satin underside that will have your baby girl snuggling up to and make her feel safe and secure.

Baby Gund Waggie MusicalBaby Gund Waggie Musical bear will help make baby sleep.

This quality teddy bear musical will make a great 1st gift for a baby boy.

Wind up the soft toy to listen to Brahms’ lullaby and see baby bear’s head move in a circular motion.

Gund Baby Pullstring musical for girlGund Baby Pullstring musical for girl has a hoop that you pull to extend the bear and make her play Brahms Lullaby.

The pink teddy bear has satin feet and insides of ears and has baby-safe stitched eyes.

Gund Baby Cuddlehugs Blanket BearGund Baby Cuddlehugs Blanket Bear has an ivory coloured satin edge and a sky blue satin back.

The blue plush teddy bear blanket is embroidered with My First Teddy.

All of these bears are available in pink and blue.

Only the best quality teddy bears and teddy bear gifts at Teddy Bear Friends

Christmas Teddy Bears

Monday, October 27th, 2008

We’ve just put our new range of Christmas Teddy Bears live. This year’s crop is a fantastic bunch of teddy bears with something for everyone.

We have a number of singing and musical teddy bears with Christmas themes including a bear that tells a Christmas Story, Goober singing Jingle Bell Rock and a singing dog who flaps his ears to Jingle Bells. A motley crew if ever there was one.

Christmas Story BearChristmas Story Bear is an excellently made bear who imparts the spirit of Christmas by reading the American Christmas tale ‘Twas the night before Christmas.

Jingle Bell Rock BearJingle Bell Rock Bear will have everyone rocking ‘n’ rolling this Christmas as he sings Jingle Bell Rock while moving his head and shaking a set of golden bells that have flashing lights at the end.

Goober is one of Gund’s most popular bears and comes in many guises although this is a particularly brilliant bear.

Teddy Bear Friends will shortly be putting live some collectible Christmas bears from Teddy Hermann and we also hope to have festive Steiff bears in stock and ready to buy for at Christmas.

Keep watching and we’ll try and keep you updated as soon as new stock arrives.