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Reutter Porcelain Miniature Tea Sets

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Reutter Porcelain miniatures

Have the perfect Summer garden tea party with your teddy bears and dolls…

Large Beatrix Potter Childrens Tea Set
Large Beatrix Potter Childrens Tea Set
Reutter Porcelain have pushed the boat out in terms of attention to detail and have lovingly crafted childrens plates, bowls and tea cups that can be used for play by little girls who just adore Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and friends from the Lakeland Tales.

Peter Rabbit Hatbox Teaset
Peter Rabbit Hatbox Teaset
This beautiful Peter Rabbit Teaset has miniature tea cups and saucers featuring a Peter Rabbit print and is beautifully presented in a pink hat box. A wonderful gift that is sure to be loved and treasured by your little girl.

Jemima Puddleduck Tea Set
Jemima Puddleduck Tea Set
This miniature tea set for 4 features original drawings of Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddleduck from her Lakeland Tales. The tea-set includes side plates, teacups and saucers, a milk jug, sugar bowl and a teapot - all with a detailed Jemima Puddle-duck design.

Birthday Bear Tea Set
Birthday Bear Tea Set
Reutter Porcelain’s Birthday Bear Tea Set is a miniature tea set that will be the centrepiece of the finest teddy bear’s picnic. It comes with little plates, tea cups and saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl and a charming teapot - all featuring Reutter Porcelain’s unique birthday bear design.
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Traditional Toys Hat Box Tea set
Traditional Toys Hat Box Tea set
This Reutter Porcelain miniature tea set features images of classic toys from yesteryear and comes in a pink hatbox It’s sure to please all little girls who love to play tea time with dolls and teddy bears.

Alice in Wonderland Childrens Tea Set
Alice in Wonderland Childrens Tea Set
Teddy Bear Friends loves this top of the range Alice in Wonderland childrens tea set for four. It’s a simply stunning gift and comes presented in a fabulous tea case. It is sure to remain a treasured possession that will provide a lifetime of joy.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Set
Alice in Wonderland Tea Set
This Reutter Porcelain miniature tea set featuring characters from the famous childrens story, Alice in Wonderland, comes in a stunning case and is sure to please all little girls who love to play tea time with dolls and teddy bears. A perfect gift for all occasions it is sure to become a treasured item.

Flower Fairies Childrens Teaset
Flower Fairies Childrens Teaset
A fairy tale childrens tea party will be had with this remarkable gift. The Flower Fairies range is a beautiful set of crockery featuring images of fairies playing amongst the garden flowers. A quality gift for a very special occasion.

Beatrix Potter-Reutter porcelain miniature tea sets are a gift to savour

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The name Beatrix Potter is a name that is renowned the world over and justifiably so, by virtue of characters such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck to name but a few, that have enlivened the imagination and lives of many children around the globe. Reutter porcelain is another renowned brand who have earned an enviable reputation for beautifully crafted miniature collections which are breathtaking in every way. Reutter porcelain also offers within their extensive range, a delightful array of Beatrix Potter themed tea sets which encapsulate the endearing quality of the characters.

The Beatrix Potter range includes a variety of differing themes such as the miniature Peter Rabbit tea set which comes with two place settings and includes miniature plates, teacups and saucers as well as an authentic milk jug and matching sugar bowl and small teapot. Fans of Beatrix Potter no doubt would delight in the superb craftsmanship on display and the authentic style which captures the Beatrix Potter theme to perfection. An alternative option may well be the superb Peter Rabbit picnic basket which within its contents includes a lovely beautifully made tea set for two, which comes with all that is required for a picnic such as plates, cups and cutlery, all of which is housed within a sumptuous basket. As with all of the porcelain miniatures, each piece is lovingly recreated from original drawings with fine detail.

All of these and more can be found through the leading online resource,, which has grown to become one of the most renowned Beatrix Potter miniature tea set resources to be found within the sites on the web. They offer an extensive range of Reutter porcelain miniature tea sets which also includes elements of Alice in Wonderland, such as the infamous Mad Hatter’s tea party through to characters such as Paddington bear, all of whom have been immortalised in miniature porcelain, which ultimately offers a fabulous gift which will live long in the memory.

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Porcelain Tea sets - the perfect reminder of early childhood

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The vast majority of us look back on our childhoods with memories nothing short of being shrouded in utter fondness. The innocence of youth is something irreplaceable – the period in which playfulness and laughter are the only aspects in life worth exploiting. Early memories are best rekindled through childhood-like mediums, teddy bears, tea cups, cuddly items and the like. For it is these which captivate the imaginations of children – sweet and adorable, exactly like the items themselves.

Of the most championed early years tales has got to be awarded to the Alice in wonderland saga, personified by film, and based on the world acclaimed book. Of the most memorable of scenes is the mad hatter’s tea party – an eclectic gathering of other-worldly creatures and characters, so varied in appearance they have been captivating the imaginations of children timelessly. Arguably of the most cherished and adorable of other film characters has got to be awarded to tom kitten and benjamin bunny – two of the most instantly recognisable and cute-exuding characters to grace the title covers of any book or film trilogy.

What better way to portray and embrace such wonderful characters than through the art of porcelain miniatures, renowned the world over for their quality of portrayals, attention to detail and master of craftsmanship? Porcelain teas sets represent the essence of childhood – covered in novelist scenes, boasting real-world applications and so affectionately produced they can not fail but to entice all of the many lovers of children’s tales.

Such is the degree of detail however; porcelain items more often than not come at a premium to match the skill level – with many fetching in excess of £65. Teddy Bear Friends is an online retailer, offering all of these notable collectables but at prices which continue to draw those of a more budget-minded disposition. With deals such as – ‘Big Valentine Bear by Gund’ for only £40 (making a saving of £25), as well as numerous others which continue to follow suit, it is little wonder they are the supplier of choice.

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Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck all available as Reutter miniatures

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Beatrix Potter is a name synonymous with childrens stories and engaging characters. Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck being two of the more well known Beatrix Potter characters who have been immortalised as Reutter miniatures. Reutter porcelain is renowned for its high quality products, and their range of Beatrix Potter miniatures are no different.

The Beatrix Potter collection incorporates a wide range of options such as the encapsulating miniature Peter Rabbit tea set, which is a gift of outstanding quality, and which features a stunning array of beautiful porcelain, with two place settings, miniature plates, cutlery as well as tea cups and saucers, whilst also incorporating an impressive milk jug, sugar bowl and a small teapot, all of which are contained within a beautifully crafted case with a Peter Rabbit authentic original design. Carrying on the Beatrix Potter theme is the Jemima Puddle-Duck breakfast set, which comes with its own gift basket and comprises of a carp, breakfast bold as well is plated cutlery, all of which is presented with the addition of an original Beatrix Potter roaring, lovingly recreated on the crockery to not only increase its appeal, but add to its authenticity.

All of these and more can be found through, which has grown to become one of the most revered online resources for those looking for Reutter porcelain and miniatures. Within the pages of this engaging online resource, the visitor is able to access a wide selection of products such as miniature tea set options, and an array of theme related items, all of which pay homage to Beatrix Potter, and Alice in Wonderland.

To review the comprehensive array of Beatrix Potter miniatures, from Reutter, a visit to, should be your first port of call.

Reutter Porcelain miniatures are justifiably renowned

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Reutter Porcelain is a world-renowned manufacturer of porcelain collections, that utilise their own production facility, and have for over 50 years been producing porcelain of outstanding quality with a craftsmanship that is second to none. Their range incorporates a wide array of collections, including porcelain tea sets for children, which are based on Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and friends. The exquisite craftsmanship has won Reutter Porcelain numerous admirers the world over, and as such the brand is revered by many.

Within the Reutter porcelain collection are an array of stunning Reutter miniatures such as the miniature Peter Rabbit tea set, which makes an ideal gift for a Beatrix Potter fan. The tea set contains two place settings as well as miniature versions of plates, cutlery as well as saucers and teacups, and also incorporates a milk jug, sugar bowl as well as a small teapot. The porcelain tea set is embellished with Beatrix Potter original drawings, to an exact and fine detail that is unrivalled. An alternative option within the collection is the large Beatrix Potter children’s tea set, which comprises of settings for four, and is presented within a stunning and aesthetically appealing case, that also offers protection for the endearing porcelain contents.

There is no doubt that any collection from the Reutter porcelain miniatures range offers an unrivalled gift, which is both sumptuous in its aesthetic appeal, as well as endearing in its complexity and craftsmanship. One of the leading online retailers offering an impressive array of Reutter Porcelain miniatures, including the range of Beatrix Potter Reutter tea set options is the website, within which the visitor is able to access a comprehensive array of products from this renowned Porcelain manufacturer, at affordable prices. Each of the relevant items is displayed with stunning imagery, as well as comprehensive detail and informative content regarding the item itself, whilst one of the most endearing elements of the website is the fact that they offer up to date stock information and cost effective prices, ensuring that their visitors and clientele are assured of delivery of their purchased item as well as the best price available.

About is an engaging and innovative online resource that offers the best quality bears and baby gifts at impressive prices, which inherently saves its visitors money.

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New Reutter Porcelain Baby Gift Sets

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Reutter Porcelain’s teddy bear range is a beautiful selection of gifts for children made in Germany.

Teddy Bear Baby SetTeddy Bear Baby Set is boxed and makes a great present for a newborn baby or young toddler.

This Baby Gift Set features Reutter Porcelain’s unique Bear Henry print and comes with a baby cup and a baby bowl.

Paddington Bear Baby SetPaddington Bear Baby Set is made in Germany by Reutter Porcelain and features the well-travelled bear from Darkest Peru.

Reutter Porcelain has been manufacturing porcelain collections in their own production facility for more than 50 years and the tradition of craftsmanship has won Reutter Porcelain friends all over the world.

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We now stock Reutter Porcelain

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Reutter Porcelain has been manufacturing porcelain collections in their own production facility for more than 50 years and the tradition of craftsmanship has won Reutter Porcelain friends all over the world.

Teddy Bear Breakfast SetTeddy Bear Breakfast Set comes boxed and makes a great gift for a young child or as a christening gift. This beautifully detailed porcelain breakfast set features Bear Henry and Friends - a unique teddy bear print - and comprises one plate, breakfast bowl and mug.

Peter Rabbit Tea SetPeter Rabbit Tea Set is beautifully presented in a pink hat box. During their manufacture, Reutter Porcelain articles pass through the hands of as many as 17 skilled craftsmen: after casting, they are glazed, painted and then fired as many as three times to give them their characteristic Reutter look.

Teddy Bear Picnic BasketTeddy Bear Picnic Basket features Reutter Porcelain’s unique Bear Henry print and is a beautiful gift for a child who wants to take their teddies on a teddy bear’s picnic.

Paddington Bear Tea SetPaddington Bear Tea Set is presented in a gift box that makes it a lovely gift idea for a young child or fan of this well-travelled bear from Peru.

Paddington Bear Money BoxPaddington Bear Money Box is shaped as a suitcase and features a classic Paddington Bear design and flags of the world. Money is inserted in the slot on top of the money bank.

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