Where to Buy New Winnie The Pooh Alphabet Letters

October 9th, 2015

A, B, C, Easy as 1, 2, 3. If you’re wondering where to buy new Winnie The Pooh alphabet letters, then you don’t need to look any further than Teddy Bear Friends.

Border Fine Arts are a top quality brand with design studios and manufacturing processes that use only the best materials in their production. They have been producing quality gifts for baby over many years and these new Winnie The Pooh alphabet letters are the latest in a long line of brilliant nursery gifts to send to new parents.

Check out the full range of new Winnie The Pooh alphabet letters at Teddy Bear Friends. They are all available singly or you can purchase letters to spell baby’s name. They stand up easily and will make an attractive ornament to place on a dresser in the nursery.

And if you’re a very big fan of Winnie the Pooh you can even purchase the complete Winnie the Pooh alphabet letters set. Teddy Bear Friends offer a discount on the full set of alphabet letters so you can save money too!

Where to Buy New Winnie The Pooh Alphabet LettersWinnie the Pooh Letter A

A is for Alphabet. Write out baby’s name in these beautiful new Winnie the Pooh alphabet letters and send them to a friend or relative who has just had the most delightful news of the birth of a new baby.

Winnie the Pooh Letter BWinnie the Pooh Letter B

B is for Butterfly and the letter B shows Piglet chasing a butterfly.

Winnie the Pooh Letter CWinnie the Pooh Letter C

C is for Cute and shows Winnie the Pooh watching a butterfly. The designs come in three neutral colours; light green, lilac and cream.

A A Milne’s classic Winnie the Pooh stories are timeless and loved by generation after generation of new fans. The stories were originally illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard and Border Fine Arts have recreated his original drawings into these delightful ceramic letters that will look great in baby’s nursery room - whether a boy or girl they are sure to be greatly appreciated.

The new designs have been really well received and each one carries a different illustration that is printed onto the piece with a quality technique that ensures the image will stay colourful during the years baby grows up.

Have you found Jimmy’s Lost Teddy Bear?

September 18th, 2015

Jimmy and teddy at the funfair

Jimmy recently lost his beloved teddy bear on a flight to Vienna. He’s had this bear since he was one and is very attached to it and is very upset.

Close up of Jimmy's lost teddy bear

His dad, James, has asked Teddy Bear Friends if we could share this around to see if anyone has one of these to sell or knows the make so he can track down a replacement. It was second hand when he got it so is likely to be 10 to 15 years old. It is beige with blue dungarees, blue hat and shoelaces. Of course, if you know where Jimmy’s Teddy is he’d be delighted if you were to get in touch.

Cool pink teddy bear designs - just released!

September 16th, 2015

In partnership with RedBubble.com we’ve just released a number of cool pink teddy bear designs on gifts for kids, teens and adults too!

Items include tote bags, iPad and iPhone cases, leggings and mugs, plus loads more!

Take a look and order at RedBubble. Hope you like ‘em – let us know if you’d like some slight variations and we’ll do our best.

Beautifully Soft Teddy Bears by Teddy Hermann

June 19th, 2015

If you’re looking for a superior quality teddy bear, why not take a look at the new Teddy Hermann 2015 range at Teddy Bear Friends.

Large Teddy BearLarge Teddy Bear

Large Teddy Bear by Teddy Hermann is a super soft plush bear who has big round eyes and a wonderfully cute face that cries out for you to take him home.

Beautifully soft teddy bears by Teddy Hermann are made with top quality plush and simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

Hermann Teddy BeigeHermann Teddy Beige

Teddy Hermann’s quality and design shine through on this traditional teddy bear toy who has all over beige plush with a lustrous sheen, and close cropped beige paw pads and snout, and a stitched brown nose. This gorgeously soft teddy bear is 38cm tall from head to toe and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

It’s a quality teddy bear for a child that will be loved by all.

Teddy Bear BraunTeddy Bear Braun

Teddy Bear Braun is a super soft brown teddy bear - a top quality toy from one of the world’s famous teddy bear manufacturers, Teddy Hermann. He’s such a cute teddy bear and will be a treasured gift for someone special.

Teddy Hermann of Germany is one of the world’s quality teddy bear makers with design studios and manufacturing processes using only the best materials in their production - perfect if you’re looking to buy a new teddy bear of superior quality.

New Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears in Store

April 20th, 2015

If you’re looking for a superior quality teddy bear, why not take a look at the new Histoire d’Ours range at Teddy Bear Friends.

Histoire d'Ours Quality Teddy Bears

Large Honey Teddy BearLarge Honey Teddy Bear

The Bear Collection from the renowned French teddy bear maker, Histoire d’Ours, is perfect if you’re looking to buy a new teddy bear of superior quality.

This sumptuously soft teddy bear is made with top quality plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

Large Dark Brown Teddy BearLarge Dark Brown Teddy Bear

Similar to the honey teddy bear, this gorgeously soft teddy bear is 60cm big and made with top quality dark brown plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

It’s a quality teddy bear for a child that will be loved by all.

Large Soft Ivory BearLarge Soft Ivory Bear

This large ivory bear from Histoire d’Ours is a beautifully soft teddy bear who comes gift boxed - also available in brown and beige.

Histoire d’Ours of France is one of the world’s quality teddy bear makers with design studios and manufacturing processes using only the best materials in their production.

Extra Large Beige Teddy BearExtra Large Beige Teddy Bear

This extra large teddy bear is 80cm big and has super soft plush made with all new materials by French teddy bear manufacturer Histoire d’Ours.

Save 25% on Winnie The Pooh money banks

April 15th, 2015

A brilliant offer on these beautiful Winnie The Pooh money banks at Teddy Bear Friends. Great birthday gifts for fans of all ages. This offer will expire soon and limited stock is available.

Winnie The Pooh money banks

Pooh with Hunny Moneybank

Pooh with Hunny Moneybank…

This delightful Pooh moneybank features Winnie the Pooh sitting on a log whiling away the time eating from his hunny pots.

Buy here »

Eeyore Money Bank

Eeyore Money Bank…

This beautifully made money box is a stunning piece featuring one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends, Eeyore, who has just managed a smile as a coin has been dropped into him.

Buy here »

Pooh Money Bank

Pooh Money Bank…

This delightful ceramic money box has a knitted style design and has Winnie the Pooh sitting down and holding a red love heart in his paws.

Buy here »

Tigger Money Bank

Tigger Money Bank…

This colourful ceramic money box has a knitted style design and features Tigger sitting down and holding a flower in his paws.

Buy here »

Winnie The Pooh Metal Cube Money Bank

Winnie The Pooh Metal Cube Money Bank…

Winnie the Pooh and friends are depicted around the centre of this cube shaped money bank.

Buy here »

Pooh Bear Toy and Money Box

Pooh Bear Toy and Money Box…

This little Winnie the Pooh soft toy and money box come gift boxed, and make an ideal christening or birthday gift.

Buy here »

plus last one remaining…

Pooh Money Box

Pooh Money Box…

The design has A A Milne’s Pooh Bear sitting on top of the money box blowing the seeds from a dandelion while Piglet is painted on the side plucking more dandelions for his hunny loving friend.

Buy here »

Locate the most gorgeous Mothers Day teddy bear at Teddy Bear Friends

March 6th, 2015

Teddy Bear Hyazintha

A Quality Teddy Bear to Treasure…

Say I Love you Mum with a gorgeous Mothers Day teddy bear. This year Mothers Day falls on Sunday 15th March and Teddy Bear Friends have got some great new gifts to send Mum, plus some old favourites that are sure to be loved.

Florian Love Messenger Teddy Bear for mum

We offer a great range of quality teddy bear gifts with prices ranging from top end to just a few pounds. So there’s sure to be something that you can afford to send to someone who is priceless - and no matter what you choose, all will be equally loved by mum.

At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of teddy bears, all looking fantastic. These two are just a sample of our huge selection of collectible teddy bears that you might want to send to mum if she’s an arctophile - that’s a teddy bear collector to you and me!

Mummy Teddy Bear

Less Expensive Teddy Bears

Take a look at our full range of Mothers Day Teddy Bears and see which one your Mum will love.

We don’t just sell expensive teddy bears for mum you’ll be glad to hear. Our most popular teddy bears are about £25 and there’s a huge choice to select from. All are from leading brands so quality is guaranteed.

I Love Mum Teddybear

We’ve grouped this selection of bears together, but we also sell a vast array of traditional teddy bears that would make equally great mothers day gift ideas.

I Love Mum Bear

A Cute Little Gift

We also have chocolates and a range of Mothers Day greetings cards, as well as optional gift packaging. So if you can’t be there, you can send your teddy bear direct and know that your Mum will get a lovely gift perfectly packaged. Quality at low prices, together with fast service - that’s the Teddy Bear Friends promise.

I Love You Mummy Teddy Bear

These cute little teddy bears are a couple of examples from our cheaper teddy bears selection, still looking gorgeous!

For a huge selection of Mothers Day Teddy Bears to buy online, be sure to visit Teddy Bear Friends

New Doctor Teddy Bears to buy online

February 27th, 2015

Doctor Bear

Open Wide and Say Aaaahhhhhh…

Do you have a friend who is sick? Are you looking for a cuddly teddy bear to send as a gift to make them feel better?

At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of teddy bears, all looking fantastic. Whether we are talking about children or adults in the prime of their lives, teddy bears make everyone feel better. This cute Doctor Bear is great to give kids or grown-ups who are sick, suffered an illness, or are now on the mend and need a little cheering up.

Doctor Teddy Bear gift

Send to a Medical Professional

You can also send a new doctor teddy bear gift to a medical professional passing exams or to someone who is marking a special moment in their career, such as a new job or promotion.

These quality get well teddy bears will cheer up any hospital patient not feeling well and make them happy once again. Only available to buy at Teddy Bear Friends.

Next Day Delivery

When you need a get well gift sent fast to a friend or relative who has been taken ill, or injured themselves, you can rely on Teddy Bear Friends. We offer Next Day Delivery on Get Well Teddy Bears and we also offer quality gift packaging and get well greetings cards to send and make your gift that little bit special. Quality gifts made easy for our busy lives.

For a huge selection of Get Well Gifts to buy online, be sure to visit Teddy Bear Friends

Old Fashioned Teddy Bear

February 26th, 2015

Old Fashioned Teddy BearTeddy Bear Friends have just taken stock of this gorgeous Old Fashioned Teddy Bear by Clemens Spieltiere of Germany. He’s now discontinued but we’ve managed to secure the remaining stock from this quality teddy bear manufacturer.

This beautifully made teddy bear has a classic growler, simply turn him upside down in the usual way to hear his soft growl. He’s five way jointed (head and limbs) and is great for children and grown-up teddy bear fans too!

Clemens Bears of Germany

Clemens Bears of Germany are one of the world’s premier mohair teddy bear manufacturers, making quality teddy bears and soft toys of distinction since 1948. All their unique designs are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are made with only the best materials, so you are assured that you are getting a gift that will last a lifetime.

Old Fashioned Growler Teddy Bear is advised as not being suitable for children under 3 years of age, although many people love to gift these superb quality teddy bears to sit in the nursery and be played with when the child gets a little older.

Top Teddy Bear Friends website offers the greatest collection of teddy bears for Valentines Day

February 13th, 2015

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ more affectionately than the delivery of a cute bundle of teddy bear friendship. A staple of the lovestruck valentine, the love teddy is one old favourite that cannot fail to impress on February 14th. Regardless of the effort expended, for the lucky recipient, to receive an ‘I love you teddy‘, is like receiving conformation of passion. It encapsulates all the little nuances a person sometimes fails to ordinarily convey - love, affection, admiration, longevity, romanticism, the list is endless. The problem lies of course, with choosing a bear that has both class and affection, one which could, by no means, be confused with tack and impulse. Teddy Bear Friends is the online home of the teddy bear shop, hosting a range of this Valentines Day’s most memorably adorable love bears.

Valentines Day can, for some, be an intricate balance. Failing to impress a long suffering girlfriend will result in the inevitable - the individual being placed firmly in the dog house for an indefinite period of time. Presenting the unexpecting boyfriend with something overly provocative, something perhaps a little feminine and risk denting his fragile ego. Worse still, reveal for the first time, a lacklustre valentines gift to a secret valentines and say goodbye to any ideas of long-term romance. This is where Teddy Bear Friends is so very useful, providing the ultimate collection of impressive Valentine teddy bears for all genders, tastes and budgets.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

For the animal loving, Teddy Bear Friends boasts an adorably cute Valentines bear range to satisfy even the most devout. How about the ‘Valentines Day Jumbo Puppy’? This huge guy sports a red bow, is covered in jet black fur and carries a plush red love heart - the cutest canine to be had this Valentines. Or why not consider the ‘Little Panda Bear’ - innocently wearing a beaming love heart whilst staring on affectionately - the ultimate signal of showing he cares. Customers can also purchase Valentine teddy bears of real individuality, one which boasts a message of true personality. Whether the customer is ‘Head Over Heels’ in love or simply wants to shout ‘Be My Valentine’, there is a loveable gift to suit all.

As well as the vast collection of cuddly love teddy options and fluffy animals, there are many which appeal to the tastes of either sex. Sesame Street’s Elmo is one such example - a lovably cute fictional character from The Childrens Television Workshop and worldwide watched childrens programme, this plush red Muppets Show type guy is perfect to send - what better or more adorable way to showcase ones feelings to a loved one?

Musical Gifts for Valentines Day

Who says a love you bear has to be restricted to the female realm? This Valentines present is one which is as versatile as endearing. Many a boyfriend or husband would be equally as pleased to receive such a gift. That is the point of Teddy Bear Friends, due to the enormity of bears on offer; customers can select one which is entirely suitable for their needs. If buying for a lucky girlfriend, customers may opt for a love bear more decorative, one more decadent and covered in hearts. If buying for a male on the other hand, something a little plainer, one which is cute and distinctly boyish would suffice. In this instance ‘Lenny Lion Musical Gund’ may be more appropriate, combining aspects of masculine prowess with hardcore rock ‘n’ roll.

Having selected the ultimate ‘I love you teddy’ customers can finish off their shopping with the purchase of one Teddy Bear Friends equally gorgeous Valentines Day cards. So, if in search for something original this year, be sure to review the teddy bears for Valentines day at https://www.teddybearfriends.co.uk/valentines-teddy-bears.php.