Royal Selangor Clearance Sale

October 20th, 2014

Don’t delay, we’ve a very limited stock of these quality pewter gifts by Royal Selangor.

Royal Selangor Clearance Sale

Winnie The Pooh Baby Cup

Winnie The Pooh Baby Cup

Based on the original Winnie the Pooh works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard this pewter baby mug is a lovely christening gift idea.

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ABC Bookends

ABC Bookends

The piece is made out of premium-grade timber from well-managed forests with a beautiful pewter fascia featuring a teddy bear playing.

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Teddy Bear Document Holder

Teddy Bear Document Holder

The box is made from timber from well-managed forests and has a pewter lid featuring the famous Teddy Bear design.

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Baby Bootee Trinket Box

Baby Bootee Trinket Box

Royal Selangor pewter have produced a gorgeous christening gift for baby with this enchanting baby bootee in pewter.

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Birthday Coinbox

Birthday Coinbox

Royal Selangor have crafted this premium pewter piece in a traditional birthday cake design, with a teddy bear holding the side of the cake.

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Cinderella Bookends

Cinderella Bookends

These beautiful pewter bookends are inspired by the classic folk tale ‘Cinderella’. Only 1 left in stock so if you want it get it quick.

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The Ugly Duckling Photo Frames

The Ugly Duckling Photo Frame

A beautiful and timeless gift, this pewter photo frame will show off your bonny baby or any family member at their best.

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Little Red Riding Hood Bookends

Little Red Riding Hood Bookends

If you love the beautiful story of Little Red Riding Hood, then these enchanting and entertaining childrens bookends are perfect on each side of your book collection.

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Childs Mug The Gift

Childs Mug The Gift

A delightful baby christening cup designed by Royal Selangor.

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Pied Piper Of Hamelin Musical Carousel

Pied Piper Of Hamelin Musical Carousel

As the musical carousel turns round on its base the lullaby The Magic Flute plays.

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New Teddy Bear by Teddy Hermann

October 20th, 2014

Teddy GespitzThis new teddy bear by Teddy-Hermann is just in at Teddy Bear Friends - he’s the soft dangling version of the growling teddy bear in the same design.

Teddy Gespitz is a lovely soft thing and perfect for loving cuddles. This beautiful brown teddy bear has cream tipped plush, round two tone beads for his eyes and has plastic pellets in his bottom.

His cousin has been around a little longer and is similarly styled and a little larger. Large Growling BearLarge Growling Bear gives a deep growl when turned upside down - he’s sure to charm any serious bear lover.

Teddy Bear Friends stock a brilliant range of quality made growling teddy bears that will be loved by kids and more mature teddy bear fans too. There’s one to suit all tastes and pockets.

New Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears

October 16th, 2014

The new range of superb quality Histoire d’Ours teddy bears is now available at Teddy Bear Friends.

Baby Bear Pink

Baby Bear Pink…

This gorgeously soft pink teddy bear is a perfect gift for girls to receive.

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Baby Bear White

Baby Bear White…

The Baby Bear Collection is perfect as a first teddy bear in a gift box. Available in 5 colours.

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Large Beige Teddy Bear

Large Beige Teddy Bear…

The Calin Bear Collection are gorgeously soft teddy bears in a gift box from Histoire d’Ours of France.

Buy here »

Large Brown Teddy Bear

Large Brown Teddy Bear…

This beautiful teddy bear also comes in a darker brown.

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Medium Fluffy Pink Teddy Bear

Medium Fluffy Pink Bear…

The new 2014 Bear Collection are quality teddy bears for children and come gift boxed.

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Medium Fluffy Brown Bear

Medium Fluffy Brown Bear…

These gorgeous fluffy teddy bears are available in 5 colours at Teddy Bear Friends.

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Very Large Teddy Bear

Very Large Teddy Bear…

For serious teddy bear lovers! This very large teddy bear has soft plush and a cute looking face that will melt your heart.

Buy here »

Very Large Brown Teddy Bear

Very Large Brown Teddy Bear…

Are you looking for a very large brown teddy bear with tip top quality design? You’ve just found him!

Buy here »

Large Fluffy Blue Teddy Bear

Large Fluffy Blue Teddy Bear…

A quality blue teddy bear for a boy, this large fluffy teddy bear comes gift boxed.

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Large Fluffy Grey Teddy Bear

Large Fluffy Grey Teddy Bear…

These gorgeous looking teddy bears are available in 4 colours at Teddy Bear Friends.

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New baby teddy bears

October 15th, 2014

New baby teddy bears by Gund

Medium Pink Baby Teddy Bear

Pink Baby Teddy Bear - Medium

New for 2014, the new My First Teddy Bear comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

Buy Medium Pink Bear »

Large Pink Baby Teddy Bear

Pink Baby Teddy Bear - Large

A perfect gift for a new baby girl, this large My First Teddy can be gift wrapped and sent direct.

Buy Large Pink Bear »

Extra Large Pink Baby Teddy Bear

Pink Baby Teddy Bear - Extra Large

For a big baby gift, order the new My First Teddy Bear in Extra Large - available in pink and blue.

Buy Extra Large Pink Bear »

Medium Tan Baby Teddy Bear

Tan Baby Teddy Bear - Medium

New for 2014, the new My First Teddy Bear also comes in a tan / beige colour in the medium size only.

Buy Medium Tan Bear »

Medium Blue Baby Teddy Bear

Blue Baby Teddy Bear - Medium

New for 2014, the new My First Teddy Bear also comes in a beautiful sky blue embroidered with my first teddy on its foot.

Buy Medium Blue Bear »

Large Blue Baby Teddy Bear

Blue Baby Teddy Bear - Large

A perfect gift for a new baby boy, this large blue My First Teddy can be gift wrapped and sent direct.

Buy Large Blue Bear »

Extra Large Blue Baby Teddy Bear

Blue Baby Teddy Bear - Extra Large

For a big baby gift, order the new My First Teddy Bear in Extra Large - available in pink and blue.

Buy Extra Large Blue Bear »

New teddy bears by Steiff and Gund

September 22nd, 2014

New teddy bears by Gund

More new teddy bears and quality soft toys just in…

Zag Teddy BearZag Teddy Bear

New for 2014, Zag is a cool little striped teddy bear with a warm smile and a lovely cute expression.

Reid BearReid Bear

Reid Bear by Gund is a beautiful jointed teddy bear with a big smile who will catch your eye and steal your heart.

Extra Large Maxie BearExtra Large Maxie Bear

Gund Extra Large Maxie is a lovely, tan-coloured plush teddy bear and makes a beary nice gift for a loved one - he offers maximum huggability.

Wagner BearWagner Bear

Wagner Bear has all over two tone grey plush with dark grey suedette paw pads - he’s simply perfect for so many special occasions.

Calvin BearCalvin Bear

This sweet bear has gorgeously shimmering stone coloured, thick short-length plush with beige suedette paw pads and a dark brown stiched nose.

Crusher Dinosaur ToyCrusher Dinosaur Toy

This brightly coloured dinosaur toy is perfect for children to play with. He has bright green coloured plush with a lime green belly and grey claws.

Rexie Dinosaur ToyRexie Dinosaur Toy

Teddy Bear Friends loves this soft T Rex - he’s a real cuddle monster!

New Steiff soft toys

Joggi HedgehogJoggi Hedgehog

This sweet little hedgehog is a delightful British woodland animal who will make a great gift for someone who loves animals.

Very Little Koko ChimpVery Little Koko Chimp

This toy chimpanzee is 20cm tall and has lovely soft dark plush and chunky little beige paws and round black beads for eyes.

Wittie OwlWittie Owl

Little Wittie Owl Toy is a super fluffy creature with white plush and beige and grey highlights. He has a sweet looking face and hopes you’ll be taking him home today.

Come to Teddy Bear Friends for quality new teddy bears and soft toys.

Teddy Bear Sale Ends This Week

September 10th, 2014

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Teddy Bear Sale ends Friday. Get on over to Teddy Bear Friends for a bargain while prices are low. Put away early for Christmas.

Summer Sale at Teddy Bear Friends

July 28th, 2014

Check out and save on these new clocks and more great new gifts at Teddy Bear Friends.

Save in the Sale at Teddy Bear Friends

Winnie The Pooh Bear Clock

Winnie The Pooh Clock

A A Milne’s childrens story characters are brought to life in this brilliant nursery clock that simply features the head of the Disney style Pooh Bear in bright yellow.

Eeyore Wall Clock

Eeyore Wall Clock

This fabulous Eeyore clock will make a superb addition to baby’s nursery wall.

Sun Moon and Star Bear Baby Musical

Sun Moon and Star Bear Baby Musical

A musical moon for baby snuggles - a quality first gift for your beautiful baby.

Sun Moon and Star Teddy Bear

Sun Moon and Star Teddy Bear

Sun Moon and Star Teddy Bear with mini soother attached has his eyes closed as if sleeping, and wears a red striped nightcap - a great first gift for baby boys and girls.

Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Nursery Set

Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Nursery Set

A charming present that comes gift boxed, this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Nursery Set is perfect to give as a christening gift, birthday gift or to mark a special occasion.

Pooh and Piglet Money Bank

Pooh and Piglet Money Bank

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are playing together in this beautiful money bank that uses original drawings together with a modern garden design.

Winnie the Pooh Birth Certificate Holder

Winnie the Pooh Birth Certificate Holder

If you’re looking for a quality birth certificate holder for a new baby boy or baby girl, then look no further!

Peter Rabbit Jack In A Box

Peter Rabbit Jack In A Box

Surprise! It’s Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit will pop up and surprise everyone in this sweet jack in a box toy.

Peter Rabbit Stacking Blocks

Peter Rabbit Stacking Blocks

The bright colourful stackable blocks encourage children to learn about numbers, colours, letters and shapes. Graduating in size, these beautiful stacking blocks will reach a height of 52cm when stacked.

Teddy Bear Sale Now On

July 16th, 2014



Steiff - Florian Love Messenger Teddy Bear
Jellycat - Huge Cottontail Bunny
Air Puppy - Flapjack Lane Fat Albert Bear
Clemens Spieltiere - Teddy Bear Lennard
Teddy Hermann - Owl
Reutter Porcelain Miniature Tea Set
Gund soft toys
Steiff Baby
Baby Gund - Peek A Boo Dolly
Roy Kirkham - Teddy Time Childrens Gift Set
Wilberry Dolls - Lottie Girls Doll
Sesame Street
Border Fine Arts - Pooh Eating Hunny Musical
Dean's Teddy Bears
Histoire d'Ours teddy bears
Large Paddington Bear
Peter Rabbit
Bedtime Bunny and Soother
Settler Bears - Girls Bear Jaida

Save on our huge range of best quality teddy bears and teddy bear themed baby gifts at Teddy Bear Friends

Teddy Bear Friends Goes Mobile!

July 8th, 2014

Teddy Bear Friends has had a total redesign to bring the website accessible to the growing bands of mobile surfers. Check us out on the go…

Teddy Bear Friends goes mobile

Teddy Bear Friends goes mobile

Now with a FREE Delivery option for UK Saver Delivery orders over £50. We offer 3 levels of delivery based on speed and price, so if you don’t need your item quickly you can save even more money at Teddy Bear Friends.

25% Off New Clemens Spieltiere Plush Teddy Bears

June 3rd, 2014

Until 13th June you can get these fabulous new teddy bears at a ridiculously low pricequality plush at affordable prices

Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears offer

Teddy Bear HannaTeddy Bear Hanna

At 25% Off, can you afford not to take advantage of these low-priced Clemens Spieltiere plush bears.

Clemens of Germany are one of the world’s finest teddy bear makers and design a range of beautiful jointed teddy bears who will last a lifetime and spread lots of happiness.

Teddy Bear MarvinTeddy Bear Marvin

One of the few grey teddy bears you will find, Marvin has beautifully toned plush. A quality jointed grey teddy bear with beautiful toned plush is great for kids and older teddy bear fans too!

Teddy JonasTeddy Jonas

A lovely looking chap, Jonas is a stunning bear for children and adults alike! A quality teddy bear for children at a low price.

Henri Teddy BearHenri Teddy Bear

Henri has a serious expression but he’s sure to warm your heart. Teddy Bear Friends love Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears and jointed Henri is one who turns everyone’s head.

Teddy MalteTeddy Malte

Malte is the largest teddy from Clemens new 2014 collection. Buy him today and save over £12 on his list price.

Clemens Bears are so popular at Teddy Bear Friends - superb quality at lower prices make them ideal for kids.

Lian Teddy BearLian Teddy Bear

Lian is one of the girls in the plush range, her cream colouring and bead necklace make her so adorable. She has a sad little face - take her home and make her happy again.

Teddy Bear LennardTeddy Bear Lennard

Lennard is a gorgeous brown teddy bear with a bright orange bow. Please take me home!

The new range of plush teddy bears follow in the tradition of making quality products using the finest materials and fine tuning the best designs.

Teddy Bear LevinTeddy Bear Levin

Clemens Spieltiere have been making quality teddy bears for over 60 years and Levin is from their new 2014 range. Levin sports a plaid ribbon tied in a bow round his neck that perfectly complements his fabulous soft coat.

Teddy MatsTeddy Mats

Another brown teddy bear, Mats is sure to be one of the most popular of the new teddy bears made by Clemens.