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New Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears in Store

Monday, April 20th, 2015

If you’re looking for a superior quality teddy bear, why not take a look at the new Histoire d’Ours range at Teddy Bear Friends.

Histoire d'Ours Quality Teddy Bears

Large Honey Teddy BearLarge Honey Teddy Bear

The Bear Collection from the renowned French teddy bear maker, Histoire d’Ours, is perfect if you’re looking to buy a new teddy bear of superior quality.

This sumptuously soft teddy bear is made with top quality plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

Large Dark Brown Teddy BearLarge Dark Brown Teddy Bear

Similar to the honey teddy bear, this gorgeously soft teddy bear is 60cm big and made with top quality dark brown plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

It’s a quality teddy bear for a child that will be loved by all.

Large Soft Ivory BearLarge Soft Ivory Bear

This large ivory bear from Histoire d’Ours is a beautifully soft teddy bear who comes gift boxed - also available in brown and beige.

Histoire d’Ours of France is one of the world’s quality teddy bear makers with design studios and manufacturing processes using only the best materials in their production.

Extra Large Beige Teddy BearExtra Large Beige Teddy Bear

This extra large teddy bear is 80cm big and has super soft plush made with all new materials by French teddy bear manufacturer Histoire d’Ours.

New My First Steiff Teddy Bear

Monday, December 1st, 2014

These new Steiff baby teddy bears are in stock at Teddy Bear Friends. Superb quality as always from the original teddy bear manufacturer, these baby safe teddy bears are absolutely gorgeous and so soft to the touch.

My First Steiff PinkMy First Steiff Pink is a beautiful first teddy bear for a girl. Both superbly designed and crafted and made with the best quality materials, they make excellent baby gifts for their sheer cute quotient and cuddly factor.

At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of quality baby teddy bears, all looking fantastic, and all brand new from the finest manufacturers that we select.

My First Steiff BlueMy First Steiff Blue is a gorgeous little teddy bear for a baby boy. As the world’s first teddy bear maker, Steiff is the name everyone wants to give and receive - a guarantee of quality, and just what you need to make your special one feel loved and cared for.

Teddy Bear Friends stock a brilliant range of quality made baby teddy bears that will be loved by little girls and boys. There’s one to suit all tastes and pockets.

Baby bears and the popular blue teddy bear – the perfect childs play

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Why is it that the first and often most instinctive item to purchase our loved youngsters represent some sort of teddy bear-like item? It seems a primeval, almost innate desire, something we can not forsake, something we are compelled to do. And who can blame us? There is an element of unwavering playfulness, an aspect of unadulterated cuteness in purchasing a bear for a baby boy or girl. Despite this general trend, there lie considerable variations in the choice selections between male and females. Bears for boys almost invariably will adopt the trademark ‘blue’ colouration, a trait passed down from generation to generation. Boy teddy bear choice selections need to be robust, hearty, cute, adorable and above all, distinctly standalone to girl bears. For it remains in these early years where male-characteristic behaviours are formed.

Both male and female teddys encapsulate the vulnerability of youth, both represent an item which forms an unbreakable rapport, developing as their human owner does with the passing of years. Teddy’s are always there, they are the item to be snuggled with in bed, to be trampled on in the excitement of the moment and to be ferried around the hugely variant environment of the young. Baby bears are the first and last thing newborns cradle from morning until night.

The boy teddy bear is the perfect friend for the bouncing bundle of joy that is the young male. It is the blue teddy bear most adored by parents and children, representing a colouration and outward appearance most familiar with male-distinct behaviours. Ask any young boy of their favourite colour and the reply in almost all cases will return the same result – “blue”. These standards are set principally, at early years, using the boy teddy bear as guide to instil the most basic of characteristics.

For the most comprehensive of baby teddy bears, consumers will not do wrong in consulting one of many sites functioning online. ‘Teddy Bear Friends’ is amongst the most diverse, offering everything from the ‘Sleep Well Bear’ to the ‘First Blue Teddy Bear’ by ‘Gund’. With prices starting from as little as £11.71, is home to a host of the most diverse bears for boys, the ideal friends for baby boys of all ages.

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