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Clemens teddy bears for Christmas

Monday, November 9th, 2015

If you’re looking to send a quality teddy bear for a Christmas gift, take a look at these beautiful Clemens teddy bears - back in stock for Christmas at Teddy Bear Friends.

Clemens teddy bears for Christmas

Teddy Bear EmilTeddy Bear Emil

Clemens Bears are one of the world’s premier teddy bear makers and design a range of beautiful jointed bears who will last a lifetime and spread lots of happiness.

Panda Teddy Bear JolenePanda Teddy Bear Jolene

Panda Teddy Bear Jolene has the classic black and white markings of a giant panda but she’s far more cuddly than the real thing.

Teddy Bear RicardoTeddy Bear Ricardo

Our most popular Clemens teddy bear, Ricardo, is fully jointed and is great for children and grown-up teddy bear fans as well!

Teddy Bear HannaTeddy Bear Hanna

Buy a Clemens teddy bear to give many years of friendship - Teddy Bear Hanna has medium-length light beige coloured plush with stone coloured paw pads and a brown stitched nose.

Little Simon Teddy BearLittle Simon Teddy Bear

Buy a little Clemens teddy bear to give many years of friendship - Simon has dark gold coloured plush with lighter felt paw pads and a black stitched nose, and has a beanie style feel to his belly.

Teddy Bear FriedelTeddy Bear Friedel

Teddy Bear Friedel has caramel plush and he’s ever such a softy and perfect for cuddles. He has light brown felt style paw pads and a black stitched nose.

Little Panda BearLittle Panda Bear

Little Panda Bear wears a red plaid ribbon round his neck and sports a red loveheart to show he cares.


Freddy Bear is a lovely soft teddy bear who will provide big hugs. This gold coloured teddy bear has super soft plush and has brown stitched features and tan coloured paw pads. Also in cream

Teddy MatsTeddy Mats

Mats Teddy Bear has a glossy coat and is lean shaped with long arms and shorter legs. He’s soft to touch with a soft belly with pellets and is ideal for hugs from little hands. He has beige felt style paw pads and a black stitched nose.

Little Teddy Bear ColinLittle Teddy Bear Colin

Little Teddy Bear Colin from Clemens Spieltiere is fully jointed and has oatmeal coloured plush that makes him ever so attractive.

Clemens Spieltiere, for our children just the best is good enough

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Teddy Bear LevinThe central idea of all Clemens Spieltiere efforts is the motto: “For our children just the best is good enough”. All their employees take pride in following this motto. Because of this all of their teddy bears and plush animals are made in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. All Clemens products have the red triangle as a symbol that guarantees quality and safety of materials used, unique design and careful workmanship.

The plush teddy bear range has grown hugely in the last few years with the introduction of some beautiful new bears - all jointed but with extra softness that makes them perfect for children. All are stocked in the UK by Teddy Bear Friends.

Teddy LudoThe collectible teddy bears have also seen a rennaissance with many new faces. All beautifully designed and stitched and perfect for teddy bear collectors, they are always guaranteed to be welcomed by those who love their teddy bear friends.

The high quality workmanship and the know-how of generations shine through all of Clemens Spieltiere teddy bears.

For the UK’s biggest selection of Clemens teddy bears come to Teddy Bear Friends.