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Can’t find Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears in the UK?

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Can't find Histoire d'Ours teddy bears in the UK?So you’ve been looking for Histoire d’Ours teddy bears in the UK? And can’t find any? Well, you’re not alone. Histoire d’Ours teddy bears are made in France and are fantastic quality with gorgeous looking faces and designs. Teddy Bear Friends have stocked the Histoire d’Ours brand for many years and are always looking to get in the latest designs and styles available.

Histoire d’Ours UK Distributor Closes

Unfortunately, in 2015 the UK distribution of Histoire d’Ours ended when Shreds went into Administration.

Histoire d'Ours Teddy BearThis has resulted in a number of job losses but also has meant that bringing in new stock of Histoire d’Ours teddy bears and Doudou et Compagnie baby gifts has been made that little bit more difficult.

However, at Teddy Bear Friends we’re nothing if not resourceful, so we will be buying Histoire d’Ours teddy bears direct from the manufacturer in France and bringing them to the UK so everyone can continue to enjoy the fabulous bears once more.

The closure of the UK distributor has meant that we may experience slight delays in re-stocking products but we hope to maintain the widest range you will find Histoire d’Ours teddy bears in the UK.

And take a look at the Doudou et Compagnie baby gifts ranges from the same company. Teddy Bear Friends is looking to expand their offering of these in the future, so if there’s anything that you would like us to stock from Doudou et Compagnie get in touch and let us know.

New Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears in Store

Monday, April 20th, 2015

If you’re looking for a superior quality teddy bear, why not take a look at the new Histoire d’Ours range at Teddy Bear Friends.

Histoire d'Ours Quality Teddy Bears

Large Honey Teddy BearLarge Honey Teddy Bear

The Bear Collection from the renowned French teddy bear maker, Histoire d’Ours, is perfect if you’re looking to buy a new teddy bear of superior quality.

This sumptuously soft teddy bear is made with top quality plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

Large Dark Brown Teddy BearLarge Dark Brown Teddy Bear

Similar to the honey teddy bear, this gorgeously soft teddy bear is 60cm big and made with top quality dark brown plush and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

It’s a quality teddy bear for a child that will be loved by all.

Large Soft Ivory BearLarge Soft Ivory Bear

This large ivory bear from Histoire d’Ours is a beautifully soft teddy bear who comes gift boxed - also available in brown and beige.

Histoire d’Ours of France is one of the world’s quality teddy bear makers with design studios and manufacturing processes using only the best materials in their production.

Extra Large Beige Teddy BearExtra Large Beige Teddy Bear

This extra large teddy bear is 80cm big and has super soft plush made with all new materials by French teddy bear manufacturer Histoire d’Ours.

New Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bears

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The new range of superb quality Histoire d’Ours teddy bears is now available at Teddy Bear Friends.

Baby Bear Pink

Baby Bear Pink…

This gorgeously soft pink teddy bear is a perfect gift for girls to receive.

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Baby Bear White

Baby Bear White…

The Baby Bear Collection is perfect as a first teddy bear in a gift box. Available in 5 colours.

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Large Beige Teddy Bear

Large Beige Teddy Bear…

The Calin Bear Collection are gorgeously soft teddy bears in a gift box from Histoire d’Ours of France.

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Large Brown Teddy Bear

Large Brown Teddy Bear…

This beautiful teddy bear also comes in a darker brown.

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Medium Fluffy Pink Teddy Bear

Medium Fluffy Pink Bear…

The new 2014 Bear Collection are quality teddy bears for children and come gift boxed.

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Medium Fluffy Brown Bear

Medium Fluffy Brown Bear…

These gorgeous fluffy teddy bears are available in 5 colours at Teddy Bear Friends.

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Very Large Teddy Bear

Very Large Teddy Bear…

For serious teddy bear lovers! This very large teddy bear has soft plush and a cute looking face that will melt your heart.

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Very Large Brown Teddy Bear

Very Large Brown Teddy Bear…

Are you looking for a very large brown teddy bear with tip top quality design? You’ve just found him!

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Large Fluffy Blue Teddy Bear

Large Fluffy Blue Teddy Bear…

A quality blue teddy bear for a boy, this large fluffy teddy bear comes gift boxed.

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Large Fluffy Grey Teddy Bear

Large Fluffy Grey Teddy Bear…

These gorgeous looking teddy bears are available in 4 colours at Teddy Bear Friends.

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