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Save 25% on Winnie The Pooh money banks

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

A brilliant offer on these beautiful Winnie The Pooh money banks at Teddy Bear Friends. Great birthday gifts for fans of all ages. This offer will expire soon and limited stock is available.

Winnie The Pooh money banks

Pooh with Hunny Moneybank

Pooh with Hunny Moneybank…

This delightful Pooh moneybank features Winnie the Pooh sitting on a log whiling away the time eating from his hunny pots.

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Eeyore Money Bank

Eeyore Money Bank…

This beautifully made money box is a stunning piece featuring one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends, Eeyore, who has just managed a smile as a coin has been dropped into him.

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Pooh Money Bank

Pooh Money Bank…

This delightful ceramic money box has a knitted style design and has Winnie the Pooh sitting down and holding a red love heart in his paws.

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Tigger Money Bank

Tigger Money Bank…

This colourful ceramic money box has a knitted style design and features Tigger sitting down and holding a flower in his paws.

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Winnie The Pooh Metal Cube Money Bank

Winnie The Pooh Metal Cube Money Bank…

Winnie the Pooh and friends are depicted around the centre of this cube shaped money bank.

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Pooh Bear Toy and Money Box

Pooh Bear Toy and Money Box…

This little Winnie the Pooh soft toy and money box come gift boxed, and make an ideal christening or birthday gift.

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plus last one remaining…

Pooh Money Box

Pooh Money Box…

The design has A A Milne’s Pooh Bear sitting on top of the money box blowing the seeds from a dandelion while Piglet is painted on the side plucking more dandelions for his hunny loving friend.

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Money Boxes are Great Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

We have a beautiful selection of money boxes - perfect Christmas gifts for children - visit our website for the full range

Kermit Frog Money BankKermit The Frog
This superb Kermit The Frog money bank is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, an essential buy for any fan of The Muppets Show.

Miss Piggy Money BankMiss Piggy Money Bank
Teddy Bear Friends loves this resin money bank featuring the loud and brash pig and will make a great xmas gift for girls or grown-up fans.

Animal, the crazy drummer from The Muppets Show band, is also available as a money bank at Teddy Bear Friends.

Winnie The Pooh KnittedWinnie The Pooh
MOST POPULAR This ceramic money box has a knitted style design and will be a prized piece in any Winnie the Pooh fan’s collection.

Pooh With HunnyPooh With Hunny
MOST POPULAR Winnie the Pooh Bear dips his paw into a jar of hunny - delicious!

We’ve also got a number of other Winnie the Pooh money boxes featuring Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet.

Treasure Chest Coin BoxTreasure Chest Coin Box
With a fabulous pewter children’s money box like this, you’ll look forward to saving!

Pewter Coin Box in Gift BoxPewter Coin Box in Gift Box
A polished umbrella-shaped roof adorns six masterfully engraved panels, depicting scenes from the teddy bears picnic.

Jemima Flew BeautifullyJemima Flew Beautifully
A lovely big money box featuring a flying Jemima Puddle-duck, this quality piece is a great birthday gift for girls of all ages.

Peter Ran And RanPeter Rabbit Ran And Ran
MOST POPULAR This is a superb money bank for children featuring Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.

Dog Money BankDog Money Bank
This delightful dog money bank from Nodibank is a great way for children to save their pocket money.

Zebra Money BankZebra Money Bank
This lovely zebra money bank is simple, yet beautifully made with a nodding head attached to the body which has a coin slot on the back.

B Duck Bee Money BankB Duck Bee Money Bank
These vibrant, fun money boxes are simply perfect for giving to friends as a fun gift to save for a big occasion or for kids to save their pocket money.

Large BDuck Money BoxLarge BDuck Money Box
This brilliant range of money banks makes saving cool! Insert coins into the slot on the back of the head, then twist and pull to remove and access your savings.

Teddy Bear Friends have a massive selection of quality money boxes for childrens - there’s one for all tastes!

Teddy Bear Friends offers the most magical array of kids money boxes

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It is the cherished, fictionally inspired holding vessel of choice, the piggy bank, the childhood Fort Knox. The money box holds not only monetary sums but a vast array of early memories. It is one of the first possessions a youngster receives, a rite of passage, an obligatory early year’s gift. It is the item most loved, most trusted and irreplaceable. Adored by both young and old, the money box remains resolute in function, always there to take on the stream of loose change, or in times of impulse, bear the brunt of necessary raids.

Teddy Bear Friends is a leading online supplier of money box related products of stunning aesthetic appeal – with a host of classic characters, including Winnie the Pooh, the coin box range is second to none. Piggy banks and money boxes from Teddy Bear Friends make beautiful baby gifts and birthday presents for boys and girls. With the gift of a money bank comes a degree of pride and responsibility in the young. It is among the first possessions to consciously take great care in, to honour, protect and develop. As well as being an entertaining, and physical reminder of some classic cartoon characters, the money box encapsulates essential juvenile life skills. Prompting behaviours of responsibility, pride and nurturing.

Teddy Bear Friends has a piggy bank style to suit all young tastes and affections. To help those in search of a little inspiration, those seeking something out of the ordinary, Teddy Bear Friends lists the company’s best sellers. Current favourites include the Pewter Money Box, Winnie the Pooh Money Box and the Large Musical Piggy Bank. This is the beauty of the site, perfect for those in search of the more traditional, piggy-shaped money box as well as those seeking cartoon and fictional silhouettes.

Money boxes serve a great variety of purposes, and with Teddy Bear Friends, the presentation of each will mark a special occasion. Whether gift-wrapped to mark a first birth, Christening or inaugural Christmas, the humble money box never fails to impress.

So, if in search of something of real occasion, of real sensibility, be sure to visit