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Teddybearfriends offers adorable teddy bears for every occasion including Valentines Day

Friday, February 8th, 2013

The internet provides us with a huge array of benefits, including the ability to locate a wide and diverse range of products and services that we would normally struggle to find. The alternatives now available ensure that we can almost have any particular item that we desire. In terms of gifts, an unrivalled level of choice is now offered with online websites offering stunning selections of well known and trusted brands. When looking for a particular gift, the humble teddy bear is justifiably a firm favourite, with numerous differing options on offer to engage the individual. One of the leading websites offering a stunning selection of teddy bears and related gift ideas is the extremely popular site,

Teddy bears are a type of gift which in many ways are universal. They can be given as gifts for a number of occasions whether as birthday, Valentines Day gifts or simply as a christening gift. The number of types and styles of teddy bears has grown immeasurably in recent years as the exponential growing demand for teddy bears has increased. From traditional and well known teddy bear suppliers such as Steiff and Gund to character based bears like Sesame street characters, the choice and alternatives now available ensure there is something for everyone.

As far as reliable and trusted websites, few have as much renown as the site, This engaging and hugely popular online resource offers a stunning selection of plush bears, collectible teddy bears for sale as well as an unrivalled choice of gifts including baby gifts. Each of the products is displayed with superb imagery and comprehensive detail which outlines the options on offer. In addition, to ensure complete customer satisfaction, each item description displays stock availability, which means when ordering online, the visitor is assured of receiving the relevant purchase.

Sometimes finding the right gift for a particular occasion can be difficult. However as has been shown time and time again, a universal style gift such as a teddy bear is a gift which anyone would be happy to receive on any occasion.

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Plush baby Gund teddys are a joy to behold

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Little teddy bears are undeniably adorable, as cute as the little ones themselves. Teddy’s are the first thing mum and dad, granny and grandpa rush out to buy, after all, what could possibly be more fitting? They are cute, cuddly, soft, adorable, innocent, untainted, fresh, and loving – all those terms one associates with affection. As such, they are bought for those who loved ones hold in highest acclaim – fellow loved ones, especially babies and young children. Youngsters love their baby bear as much as the elders adore handing them over. Bears for baby boys and girls are cherished the moment eyes cross, the beginning of a lifetime of love. And it is because of this level of rapport that such time, and, occasionally – expense, is invested in picking a baby bear which will stand the test of time.

Teddys come in such an amazing variety of colours and shapes, from those mimicking the most recognisable of animal shapes, such as giraffes, bunnies, puppies and lambs to those less worldly, but equally as endearing. The fact is, if purchased through a traditional and reliable firm, baby bear choice becomes less importance, as the quality speaks for itself.

The baby Gund range has got to be amongst the most championed and recognised the world over. Having started as an idea of a German immigrant starting a new life in the U.S from its base in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1898, the Gund brand has become synonymous with excellence. Not only is Gund the oldest soft toys manufacturer in the U.S, it is also the most successful. Gund’s claim to fame lies in the creativity and quality of their baby bear ranges, often described as lovable and huggable, perfect for kids of all ages.

Plush bears by Gund are perfect for every occasion, be it birth, Christening or birthdays – every bear combines a certain richness of tradition with an excitement of innovation. As well as providing children with a best friend, Gund teddy bears function also as collectables for the discerning; such is the notoriety of the brand. In terms of prices and product range, the best can be found online. Understandably, prices vary from item to item; however, in shopping with, consumers stand the very best chance of grabbing a bargain.