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New Pullstring Musicals for Baby

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

These new gift boxed Doudou et Compagnie baby pull-string musical toys are in stock at Teddy Bear Friends. Superb quality as always from the French manufacturer, these baby safe musical gifts are absolutely gorgeous and so soft to the touch.

Baby Pullstring Musical BunnyBaby Pullstring Musical Bunny by Doudou et Compagnie of Paris features a delightful bunny in beige, while the main musical body has lilac plush with a white band, with baby-safe stitched eyes and features. The quality music gift comes beautifully presented in a gift box - making it the perfect gift to give or send direct.

At Teddy Bear Friends you will discover an impressive selection of quality baby musical gifts, all looking fantastic, and all brand new from the finest manufacturers that we select.

Baby Musical Pullstring CatBaby Musical Pullstring Cat is a beautiful first gift for a boy or girl. Perfect for little ones to hold and touch, this delightful pull-string musical for baby plays a variation of the soothing lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Baby Musical Pullstring MouseBaby Musical Pullstring Mouse by Doudou et Compagnie of Paris makes a great first gift for baby girls. Pull gently on the pink hoop to begin the lovely melodic tune that will help baby to sleep.

Doudou et Compagnie of Paris are one of the world’s premier manufacturers of baby soft toy gifts and they’ve created the beautiful Les Cueillettes range that comprises a number of colourful animals in pastel colours. This company guarantees gifts of quality, and the reassurance that your special one will be safe and cared for.

Baby Musical Pullstring BunnyBaby Musical Pullstring Bunny is a beautiful first gift for a boy. This delightful piece comes in blue and white and is equally great for girls too! Add gift packaging at the checkout for an extra special touch.

Baby Musical Pullstring Teddy BearBaby Musical Pullstring Teddy Bear features a delightful teddy bear in beige with green markings, while the main musical body has light green plush with a white band. All of these fine quality products have baby-safe stitched eyes and features and pass all relevant EC Quality Marks.

If you’re looking to buy a beautiful first gift for baby, then these are ideal. Teddy Bear Friends offer fast delivery and you can send direct so saving you time and money.

Baby Musical Pullstring Puppy DogBaby Musical Pullstring Puppy Dog makes an excellent baby gift for its sheer cute quotient - he’s our favourite from the new Les Cueillettes range. But they’re all equally gorgeous!

Teddy Bear Friends stock a brilliant range of quality made baby musical gifts that will be loved by little girls and boys. There’s one to suit all tastes and pockets.

Musical toys for baby options on offer through teddybearfriends

Monday, September 17th, 2012

There is nothing quite like soothing music to calm a crying baby or to help get a baby to sleep. In addition as a means of stimulating a baby’s interest and keeping them amused, musical toys for baby options deliver all of this and more which may well explain their popularity. Within the UK one particular website has gained an enviable notoriety for offering a wide selection of musical baby toys. That website is

Teddybearfriends offers a stunning array of options for those who are looking for musical toys for baby boys and girls. The website has become one of the most popular online resources for all manner of teddy bear and soft toy products, including baby musicals that are an excellent gift for a wide array of events such as birthdays, christenings as well as births themselves.

The website features a wide range of teddy bear music box products for various circumstances including the sleep well bear music box, which is from Steiff baby and which is a gorgeous teddy bear music box which plays sleep, my little prince to lull a baby to blissful sleep. An alternative is the Sweet Dreams Musical by Steiff Baby, which is a little lamb that is approx 20 cm in size and which is white and pink check. This adorable lamb music box plays a bedtime lullaby and comes with stitched and baby safe lambs eyes and nose and uses the highest quality materials that meet the stringent Oeko-Tex standards.

All of these and more can be found through the website. Each of the relevant items can be reviewed, as each one is displayed with distinctive imagery as well as comprehensive informative content detailing the various elements, stock availability as well as price offered. Ordering is simplicity itself with secure online order processing available whilst a useful landline number is also on offer for those who wish to discuss any matters or have any particular questions and would like to speak to a company representative.

For further information on the range of pullstring musical toy options on offer visit