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Teddy Hermann teddy bears for Christmas

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

If you’re looking to send a quality teddy bear as a Christmas gift, take a look at these beautiful Teddy Hermann teddy bears - back in stock at Teddy Bear Friends. Plus we’ve got the new dinosaur soft toys in store.

Teddy Hermann teddy bears for Christmas

New in at Teddy Bear Friends…

Little Growling Teddy BearLittle Growling Teddy Bear

Teddy Hermann teddy bears are one of the world’s premier teddy bear makers and design a range of beautiful jointed bears who will last a lifetime and spread lots of happiness. This new growling teddy bear is expected to be very popular so please order him while you can as stocks are likely to dry up quickly.

T-Rex Dinosaur Soft ToyT-Rex Dinosaur Soft Toy

This gorgeous T-Rex dinosaur soft toy is such a cutie and he’s only looking for hugs and cuddles - perfect for children to play with.

Stegosaurus DinosaurStegosaurus Dinosaur

This Stegosaurus dinosaur soft toy is easily held by little hands so that he can be carried about everywhere and is perfect for taking to the Jurassic park.

Triceratops DinosaurTriceratops Dinosaur

Teddy Hermann’s range of Dinosaurs, including this Triceratops, are a brilliant gift to give boys and girls for Christmas and birthdays and offer huge value for money.

Back in stock at Teddy Bear Friends…

Big Teddy BearBig Teddy Bear

Buy a lovely big Teddy Hermann teddy bear to give many years of friendship. This big brown bear measures 50cm and is squeezably soft and looking for loving cuddles from his new owner.

Bernese Mountain Dog PuppyBernese Mountain Dog Puppy

This beautifully soft Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy will warm your heart and make you fall in love at first sight.

The soft toy dogs by Teddy Hermann are so popular that we stock loads of different breeds including West Highland Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Rottweiler, Husky and so much more.

Soft Teddy BearSoft Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Friends loves bears by Teddy Hermann, they’re so soft and perfect for kids to cuddle. This little teddy has a lovely big smile to enchant his new owner.

Kangaroo And JoeyKangaroo And Joey

Mummy Kangaroo carries her baby joey safely in her pouch - the baby kangaroo is a separate toy and can be easily removed and put back in the pouch. A perfect Christmas gift for someone from down under.

Teddy Bear Soft ToyTeddy Bear Soft Toy

Teddy Hermann’s quality and design really shine through on this lovely teddy who has very light beige, medium-length plush with cream snout and paw pads, and black nose. If you like this bear but want him in a darker colour take a look at his brother dark gold teddy bear.

Large Growling BearLarge Growling Bear

This 40cm bear gives a low growl when turned upside down that is sure to charm any serious bear lover. He’s also lovely and soft so perfect for small hands to hold.

Pug DogPug Dog

Another fabulous soft toy puppy dog from Teddy Hermann, this little fella is simply adorable and will make a gorgeous gift for any little boy or girl or for a lover of the gorgeous real-life pug dogs.

Soft Teddy BearSoft Teddy Bear

This lovely soft bear measures 40cm and is so squeezably soft he can be taken to bed and cuddled like a pillow!

Teddy Bear Friends only stock the best quality products from the best quality brands. Remember, a teddy is for life… not just Christmas!

Beautifully Soft Teddy Bears by Teddy Hermann

Friday, June 19th, 2015

If you’re looking for a superior quality teddy bear, why not take a look at the new Teddy Hermann 2015 range at Teddy Bear Friends.

Large Teddy BearLarge Teddy Bear

Large Teddy Bear by Teddy Hermann is a super soft plush bear who has big round eyes and a wonderfully cute face that cries out for you to take him home.

Beautifully soft teddy bears by Teddy Hermann are made with top quality plush and simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

Hermann Teddy BeigeHermann Teddy Beige

Teddy Hermann’s quality and design shine through on this traditional teddy bear toy who has all over beige plush with a lustrous sheen, and close cropped beige paw pads and snout, and a stitched brown nose. This gorgeously soft teddy bear is 38cm tall from head to toe and is simply perfect to give to both boys and girls.

It’s a quality teddy bear for a child that will be loved by all.

Teddy Bear BraunTeddy Bear Braun

Teddy Bear Braun is a super soft brown teddy bear - a top quality toy from one of the world’s famous teddy bear manufacturers, Teddy Hermann. He’s such a cute teddy bear and will be a treasured gift for someone special.

Teddy Hermann of Germany is one of the world’s quality teddy bear makers with design studios and manufacturing processes using only the best materials in their production - perfect if you’re looking to buy a new teddy bear of superior quality.

New Teddy Bear by Teddy Hermann

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Teddy GespitzThis new teddy bear by Teddy-Hermann is just in at Teddy Bear Friends - he’s the soft dangling version of the growling teddy bear in the same design.

Teddy Gespitz is a lovely soft thing and perfect for loving cuddles. This beautiful brown teddy bear has cream tipped plush, round two tone beads for his eyes and has plastic pellets in his bottom.

His cousin has been around a little longer and is similarly styled and a little larger. Large Growling BearLarge Growling Bear gives a deep growl when turned upside down - he’s sure to charm any serious bear lover.

Teddy Bear Friends stock a brilliant range of quality made growling teddy bears that will be loved by kids and more mature teddy bear fans too. There’s one to suit all tastes and pockets.

Teddy Hermann teddy bears are renowned the world over

Friday, August 31st, 2012

When it comes to teddy bear manufacturers, Teddy Hermann is justifiably renowned as one of the best. In fact 2012 is the company’s centenary year which is testimony to the endearing and long lasting appeal of the soft toys produced by this enigmatic company. One of the UK’s leading online retailers is a website called, who have a substantial collection of Teddy Hermann toys catering for all manner of desires and requirements.

Although teddy bears continue to be a firm favourite with adults and children alike, there is no doubt that alternative animal forms of soft toys are becoming popular. These include a wide selection of options such as cats and dogs as well as characters from famous television programs and film characters. When it comes to well known and respected brands, Teddy Hermann are one of the best. Their range of Teddy Hermann teddy bears encompasses a wide selection of soft toys that continue, to this day to be one of the most popular brands available in the market place. offers an impressive range of Teddy Hermann teddy bears which include all manner of superbly styled and manufactured soft toys such as growling teddy bears and soft toy dogs. Within the website itself, the comprehensive collection of options includes such delights as the large hound dog, which is a stunningly appealing soft toy from Teddy Hermann. This quality made soft plush toy is an ideal gift for a boy or girl. An alternative option is the big cheetah which is cute and cuddly big cat with an endearing appeal that is unrivalled. These options and much more can be found through the website which has gained a loyal following and reputation for offering outstanding offers on a wide selection of soft toys and teddy bears.

The website provides a comprehensive range of options catering for a diverse array of circumstances which include birthdays, weddings and christenings all of which can be found at impressive prices. In addition, special offers abound from its pages making the choice of supplier of a teddy bear or soft toy a simple one

For further information on a range of quality teddy bears and soft toys at affordable prices visit