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As part of our service to our customers we want to know if you've been happy with the product you've purchased from us and the service you received.

As a small thank you for your feedback, we are giving respondents a £5 money off voucher on your next purchase from Teddy Bear Friends.

Why do we ask for feedback?

Your feedback helps us improve our product selection and services, and aids future customers when making decisions about their purchases from our website.

Where will this information go?

Information you write will be added to the webpage of the product purchased.

What should I write about?

Just a few brief comments about the product, some ideas you might like to include:
- what you most liked about the product
- who was it for, i.e. grandson
- what occasion was it for, i.e. a birthday
- did the product meet or surpass your expectations
- would you recommend the product to friends or family

What is a valid product review?

A valid review must consist of readable English, be a minimum of 20 words, not include foul or abusive language, include your product details.

Where do I send the product review?

Simply send an email with your comments to

In order for us to be able to associate the review to the product purchased and your details, you can simply reply to your Order Confirmation, and write your comments at the top.

If you have received an item as a gift, simply send an email with your review, together with your details: Order Reference, Your Name, Town/City where you live.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. The £5 money off voucher code will be sent by email on receipt of a valid review. If you do not receive your voucher within 7 days please contact us.

Free £5 Offer

Once you've received your gift, send us a review and we'll send you a £5 Gift Voucher towards your next purchase.

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