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Churchill China and Giftware

Churchill China and Giftware

Churchill Mickey Mouse Kitchen SetMickey Mouse Kitchen Set


A cooking set with kitchen apron, oven gloves and tea towels with designs featuring Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse

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The following guidelines can help you ensure you get to enjoy Churchill China at its best for as long as possible:

  • Churchill tableware will resist most cutlery scratches but materials of equal hardness will scratch one another, so take care
  • Fine metal marks caused by cutlery can be removed using a ceramic hob cleaner
  • When washing do not stack too many plates in the washing bowl
  • Avoid scouring pads and abrasive washing detergents as these cause damage to china
  • Drain plates and china cups in a rack
  • The majority of Churchill China tableware is dishwasher safe but refer to individual items for confirmation
  • Ensure plates and cups are stacked carefully to avoid contact
  • Store plates in a rack or with a plate liner / paper napkin in between each plate to avoid scratching
  • If fine bone china plates are stacked they should be lifted from the top and not slid from the middle
  • Avoid stacking china cups or mugs as this can damage the handles
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