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Looking to buy a top quality, growling teddy bear for a birthday gift, Christmas gift or a special surprise? These top quality brand name, growling teddy bears will all make the perfect gift for a friend or relative

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Teddy Bear Friends only stock the best leading brands, so you are assured of quality products every time.

Classic BearClassic Bear

A collectible teddy bear from one of the world's famous names - Teddy Hermann of Germany - is a great gift. (36cm) 
WAS £159.95 
NOW £133.95

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Soft Growler Teddy BearSoft Growler Teddy Bear

With beautiful beige coloured plush this growling teddy bear is a big softy at heart who needs love and hugs. (35cm) 
NOW £31.95

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For any collector of teddy bears, the must have attribute is the growler. Not many teddy bears these days have growlers as they add cost to the production and can make the body quite firm and not so cuddly. Teddy Bear Friends stock growling teddy bears from a variety of quality manufacturers that will fulfill the needs of top collectors and those who just want a cute bear that growls with affection.

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Growling Teddy Bears...

Q. Do all growling teddy bears have firm bodies?

A. No, although many will be quite firm to touch we stock a number of softer teddy bears - check the product description or send us an email if you're not sure.

Q. What makes a teddy bear growl?

A. When you turn the teddy bear upside down, an acoustic box inside the bear's stomach makes the noise. You can read more about where the acoustic growler boxes are made by visiting HERMANN-Spielwaren's website. You can also buy a German growler from a number of websites - search for teddy bear growlers on google.

Q. Is the growler electronic?

A. Although it may be possible to buy teddy bears with electronic growling noises, Teddy Bear Friends only stock bears with traditional mechanical growling systems.

Q. Is the growling sound deep and loud?

A. Well it actually depends on the size of the teddy bear. The deeper growls will be heard by bigger bears as they can accommodate larger acoustic boxes that give a bass sound. Smaller bears have a higher pitched 'growl' that is more akin to a baby bear cub than a fully grown adult bear.

Q. How much does a growling teddy bear cost?

A. As you can see, Teddy Bear Friends stock a range of bears in different price brackets. Some of the more expensive ones are collectible, but they'll all be equally loved no matter what the price, as it's such a nice gift to send, and we rarely get returns so they must be well received.

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