Happy 110th Anniversary Teddy Hermann

Teddy Hermann are celebrating their 110th anniversary and everyone at Teddy Bear Friends extends their warmest congratulations.

The Teddy Hermann story all started in 1912 when Berhard Hermann started to produce teddy bears and other plush toys. He founded his company in Sonneberg, Germany, and named his company after his initials BE HA.

In 1948 he and his sons moved the company to Hirschaid, near Bamberg where they are still located today. Teddy Hermann is still run as a family business with great grand daughter Dorothee and great grandson Bernd at the helm.

Teddy Hermann are one of the oldest teddy bear manufacturers that can trace a direct route in its lineage and they are highly collectable.

Why not celebrate too by sending a beautiful gift that will give everlasting memories to your loved one.

Teddy Hermann 110 Years Young

Teddy Hermann logoTeddy Hermann is an international company and ranks as one of our favourites. They are easy to identify with each bear or doll having the famous red seal around their neck with the words ‘Hermann Teddy Original‘ written in gold. Limited edition collectible bears from Hirschaid with the red seal are still entirely handmade in Upper Franconia and are sought after by bear lovers around the world.

The early Teddy Hermann bears were made to resemble real bears, unlike our soft, cuddly bears of today, with long arms, long snouts, beady eyes, and a slightly hunched back.

They were made from mohair fur fabric, with glass eyes and black leather paws and snout.

How much is a Hermann Teddy Original worth?

People often ask… “how much is a Hermann Teddy Original worth?”

Vintage teddy bears are highly collectable, and Teddy Hermann are no exception. However, it’s difficult to put a price tag on these priceless bears. Simply put, they are all loved by their owners and the sentimental value alone is incalcuable.

Comparing Brands

German Teddy Bears have a long history , and alongside Teddy Hermann there is, of course, Steiff who are considered to be the granddaddy of bears with their special button in their ear.

Teddy Bears were born in Germany in 1908 when Richard Steiff joined his aunts toy factory and as they say history was made. A number of other manufacturers have come and gone since those days but its likely that Teddy Hermann will still be with us for many years to come as they continue to design such fantastic new teddy bears and soft toys – you’re always assured that quality is guaranteed with a Teddy Hermann product.

Teddy Hermann CasparCapturing the essence of what makes Teddy Hermann so special are a beautiful new range of teddy bears – specially made to mark the anniversary year and each limited to 110 pieces.

Teddy Bear Friends are proud to offer you some of the new bears including the delightful Fred, Hector and Caspar.

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