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New Steiff Baby Teddy Bears

Friday, October 31st, 2008

New baby teddy bears, comforters and musicals from Steiff Baby have just arrived in stock! Steiff baby products are made with only the best quality materials so you can be assured of baby’s safety.

The products featured below are primarily for baby girls although we do also have plenty of bears for baby boys too! Each new range comprises a baby teddy bear / lamb, baby comforter, and a baby musical.

Girls Moon BearGirls Moon Bear wears her striped pastel pink and cream nightdress ready to go to bed and she carries a moon in her front pocket. This little brown bear has beautifully soft plush and her eyes and features are stitched and baby-safe.

Girls Moon Bear ComforterGirls Moon Bear Comforter comprises a matching undergarment in brown and a soft cape with pastel pink and cream stripes. Attached to Moon Bear’s blanket is a yellow moon.

Baby Girl LambBaby Girl Lamb has beautifully soft plush and her eyes and features are stitched and baby-safe. Girls Bedtime Lamb wears her unique Steiff print nightdress ready to go to bed and she holds a yellow star in her hands.

Girl Lamb MusicalGirl Lamb Musical plays a bedtime lullaby - pull gently on the cord to play. The bedtime lamb wears a body stitched outfit with a unique print and she holds a soft golden star.

We have more new Steiff Baby teddy bears and other products which are due to go live shortly so please visit our website and check them out.

Who is this Joe the plumber?

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Who is this Joe the plumber? Just been watching the 365th day of coverage of the US election - and I reckon it’s sending me crazy.

Reminds me a little of the Don’t Tell Sid adverts the Tories ran when they sold off the gas in the 80s. That seemed to work as people love the common touch. Either that or they knew they were getting a bargain and bought into it just to make a quick buck.

So will people buy in to Joe the plumber? Maybe we should get a teddy bear called Joe the Plumber - could be a big seller if John McCain gets to be president.

Only problem for us is that we don’t deliver to the US and I’m not sure people in the UK could care less who this average Joe is. By the way, we have our very own average Joe - he’s called Joe Bloggs.

New Royal Selangor Pewter - Teddy Bears’ Picnic range

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Just in, are a few new additions to Royal Selangor’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic range in pewter and wood. Four new pewter products - all with teddy bear themes - make a splash!

Royal Selangor Pewter offers a lifetime of pleasure and beauty. Over time and with use, pewter develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal. Composed mostly of refined tin, with a tiny amount of antimony and copper added for strength, Royal Selangor pewter is a fine gift to treasure for many years to come.

Teddy Bear Trinket BoxTeddy Bear Trinket Box will make an excellent gift for someone who loves all things teddy bear. Teddy Bear is splashing in the paddling pool with his ball in this new trinket box from Royal Selangor pewter.

ABC Book EndsABC Book Ends stand 9cm tall and are suitable for baby’s treasured books or as an ornament for the nursery. Ideal as a baby christening gift, ABC Book Ends are made from timber from well-managed forests with a pewter fascia featuring teddy bear playing with various toys and games.

Birthday CoinboxBirthday Coinbox from Royal Selangor pewter makes a great birthday gift for a young child or a teddy bear fan. Teddy bear is holding on to the third tier of the birthday cake, which has a bow at the front and a slot for your coins at the back.

Teddy Bear Document HolderTeddy Bear Document Holder is made from timber from well-managed forests and has a pewter lid featuring the famous Teddy Bear design. Keep your baby’s birth certificate safe and in pristine condition in this new document holder from Royal Selangor’s Teddy Bears Picnic collection.

Teddy Bear Friends - the place to shop for quality teddy bear themed gifts.

New Christmas Teddy Bears from Teddy Hermann

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Christmas Teddy Bears from Teddy Hermann have just arrived in stock! Teddy Hermann produce excellent quality bears and these four new Christmas teddy bears are no exception.

Antique Christmas BearAntique Christmas Bear is ready to spread good cheer in his festive santa hat with pom pom and is part of a limited edition of 500 bears. This little bear is one of the most cute Christmas teddy bears and he’s sure to be a treasured by a serious collector.

Miniature Christmas BearMiniature Christmas Bear is a teeny tiny bear who is beautifully detailed and comes in his own little box to make a Christmas surprise and will make a great Christmas stocking filler for a serious teddy bear collector. Part of a limited edition of 400.

Christmassy BearChristmassy Bear will give you big hugs and this festive bear is a beautiful example of Teddy Hermann’s super quality and original design with gorgeously soft plush. Christmassy Bear wears a seasonal dark green ribbon to get into the Christams spirit.

Little Christmas TeddyLittle Christmas Teddy is just the right size and price as a stocking filler for a boy or girl. This little bear wears a Christmas hat and scarf to keep him warm during the cold winter nights and he is sure to warm the heart of any child who is given him as a present.

We’ll keep you posted if we have any further new Christmas teddy bears for 2008.

This blogging is all new to me

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I put it off and put it off but finally I have admitted myself to the new world of blogging.

Talk about getting set in your ways. I’ve been online since 1996 - way back when the first Mosaic browser came out and downloading via ftp and stuff over JANET. But then I got comfy with the easy browsing and bored with learning another half dozen programs a month and said “right, that’s enough for me.”

I’ve been meaning to have a go, but didn’t know what to write, didn’t think I had anything to say. Well fancy that, seems just like every one else was in the same boat.

But now I have a purpose - to inform the world about teddy bears and teddy bear stuff. It’s a bit of publicity for our company, Teddy Bear Friends, but I’m hoping it might become something that can be useful and used by others so I’m welcoming anyone and everyone to take part and see what we can cobble together.

So here goes, and if I start spouting rubbish please tell me.

Christmas Teddy Bears

Monday, October 27th, 2008

We’ve just put our new range of Christmas Teddy Bears live. This year’s crop is a fantastic bunch of teddy bears with something for everyone.

We have a number of singing and musical teddy bears with Christmas themes including a bear that tells a Christmas Story, Goober singing Jingle Bell Rock and a singing dog who flaps his ears to Jingle Bells. A motley crew if ever there was one.

Christmas Story BearChristmas Story Bear is an excellently made bear who imparts the spirit of Christmas by reading the American Christmas tale ‘Twas the night before Christmas.

Jingle Bell Rock BearJingle Bell Rock Bear will have everyone rocking ‘n’ rolling this Christmas as he sings Jingle Bell Rock while moving his head and shaking a set of golden bells that have flashing lights at the end.

Goober is one of Gund’s most popular bears and comes in many guises although this is a particularly brilliant bear.

Teddy Bear Friends will shortly be putting live some collectible Christmas bears from Teddy Hermann and we also hope to have festive Steiff bears in stock and ready to buy for at Christmas.

Keep watching and we’ll try and keep you updated as soon as new stock arrives.