Teddy Hermann Growler Bears

If you’re looking to send a quality teddy bear as a Christmas gift, take a look at these beautiful Teddy Hermann growler bears – they’re simply gorgeous with great designs and quality mohair. A growler teddy bear is a perfect gift for both collectors and as a lasting gift to mark childhood.

New in at Teddy Bear Friends…

Joachim Growler Teddy BearJoachim

Teddy Bear Friends bring you only the best quality teddy bears and this collectible teddy bear from Teddy Hermann GmbH of Germany is no exception.

This Teddy Hermann growler bear has light beige colouring and slightly darker beige suedette paw pads. He’s our favourite and most popular model.

Grey Growler BearWeston

Turn this gorgeous Teddy Hermann growling bear upside down and he will emit a low deep growl at you — although he only means to be friendly!

Weston’s shimmering grey mohair is a sheer delight. He has dark grey suedette paw pads, and a small black stitched nose.

Eberhard Growler BearEberhard

Limited edition collector’s bears from Hirschaid with the red seal – Hermann Teddy Original – are still today made in Germany. They are sought after by bear lovers around the world.

Eberhard’s golden colouring is a delight and he has smooth beige suedette paw pads, and a small brown stitched nose.

Mathilde Teddy Bear with GrowlerMathilde

Stuffed by hand and fully jointed, this collectible teddy bear is beautifully made in Germany using only high-quality components. Mathilde Teddy Bear is a limited edition of 200 pieces so if you take a shine to her make sure you act because she won’t be available forever – although once she’s in your arms you’ll want to hug her forever!

Her shimmering antique white colouring is a delight and she has smooth beige suedette paw pads, and a small brown stitched nose.

Hartmut - Jointed Bear With GrowlerHartmut

These new teddy bears with growlers are all quality-made items from one of the world’s most famous names, Teddy Hermann GmbH of Germany.

A fine example of Teddy Hermann’s jointed bears with growler, turn Hartmut upside down to hear him emit a soft growl. His shimmering brown mohair is a delight and he has smooth antique cream suedette paw pads and wears a jingly bell around his neck that adds to his immense charm.


If you’ve been hunting for a large growling teddy bear then you should take a good look at Wolfram – a beautifully designed Teddy Hermann growling bear with supremely soft mohair who needs love, affection and plenty of big hugs.

Wolfram measures a big 55cm and like the other bears, he’s made from 100% mohair with 100% cotton backing and stuffed by hand with wood wool and all new materials. His beautiful brown mohair has white tipped colouring and is a sheer delight.


These beautiful growler teddy bears from Teddy Hermann are brilliant for boys, girls, and collectors alike! They’re all 100% mohair which is surface washable and made with all new materials with wood wool stuffing.

Eckhardt has shimmering caramel colouring and is a sheer delight. He wears a jingly bell around his neck that rattles when he’s given hugs – which is likely to be often.

Teddy Bear Friends only stock the best quality products from the best quality brands. Remember, a growler teddy bear is for life… not just Christmas!

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