Bing Shopping Goes Live… But Not For Poor Ludo

Finally, finally, finally! Phew! What a to-do! Teddy Bear Friends is now on Bing Shopping.

Well, let’s hope it was worth all the hassle. Teddy Bear Friends has been on Google Shopping since its launch and before that with Product Listing Ads, but only recently has Bing opened up a similar concept on its UK Bing search engine.

Unfortunately, Bing doesn’t get anywhere near the traffic that the Big G does, however, its important to cover all the bases, and maybe this might see further adoption of Bing as a preferred search partner. I’ve personally been using it since April 2011 and think it serves far better results than its main rival although I’m in a small minority it seems.

So after a few weeks of sending feeds, deleting dodgy characters, getting accustomed to the complicated interface, we’ve finally managed to get products into our pre-built campaigns… imported from you know who.

And that’s the cause of this blog post, because it tickled me when I found out the reasons why a few of our teddy bears and baby gifts were being rejected by Bing.

Clemens Teddy LudoGambling content

Teddy Ludo is an extra special teddy bear designed and made by Clemens Spieltiere of Germany – a classic teddy who will provide a lifetime of pleasure for all teddy bear lovers.

Unfortunately, our fellow Bing searchers won’t be able to find him as the search engine thinks he’s a board game! Thing is, whoever gambled on Ludo! I mean perhaps a few sweets when you were a kid, but it’s hardly Texas Hold’em Poker!

Jellycat Kush PuppyDrug Content – General

A brilliant example of Jellycat’s unique design, this gorgeous looking doggy is a real cutie and wants to be snuggled up to like a big cushion – thus he’s called Kush!

Unfortunately, our fellow Bing searchers won’t be able to find him either as the search power has classed him as drugs! Soft drugs perhaps, very soft drugs.

Teddy Hermann FairyAdult – Illegal adult Content

This magical fairy bear has her arms outstretched ready to give you a hug – a beautiful teddy bear who will make someone very happy.

Unfortunately, our fellow Bing searchers won’t be able to find her as the search giant has classed this gorgeously sweet teddy bear as illegal adult content! Now, I’m not even sure what they’re thinking of here. I’d like to get into the minds of their programmers, or perhaps maybe this is best left alone.

As for the baby birth certificate holders we’ve been given the rather bizarre reason for rejection “unsubstantiated claim”?? I think I’ll just leave that one as they’re not our biggest sellers anyway so perhaps best not to waste too much precious time on a Friday afternoon.

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